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  • kcf_07757 kcf_07757 Oct 21, 2009 3:31 PM Flag

    Corning and China.....big numbers but

    `... Stolen...`

    China ---

    1) Foreign companies can sell and produce their but they need to hire Chinese and share their production secrets... --- This helps Chines start up new competitors to the original foreign company ...

    2) China refuses to `float` their currency except for small `political` moves to appease USA begging... which creates a huge trading advantage for their manufactured goods for US export. Resulting in massive trade deficits between the US and China and allowing China to fund and use their National Funds to buy up commodities and businesses in the US and globally to our detriment... Clinton initiated it and refused to enforce it and Bush refused to enforce it but by 2007 when the reality of the problem shocked him out of his stupor --- his Tres Sec Paulson was kicked out of the country with his tail between his legs and told to live with it...

    3) The US has always been a protectionist country -- up till the 1970`s when `globalization` really started under Reagan regarding trade policies... howevev after 30 yrs of an economic philosophy and policies from both Repubs and Dem Presidents -- we now see America the once strongest country in the world hollowed out both geographically as industries leave our shores and economically as the huge middle class that built up after WW2 and made the USA such a power house in the world --- has been gutted to the point that a dumbbell shaped economy of rich and poor on either ends and a shrunken middle class vs the bell curve shaped economy we had in the `prosperous` past with a huge bump upward in the middle of the middle class...

    Basically under REagan`s Globalization policies -- the USA is now back to the class patterns of what we had back in the 1890` to 1910 era...

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    • Basically under REagan`s Globalization policies -- the USA is now back to the class patterns of what we had back in the 1890` to 1910 era... "

      yes sir, back to the Robber Baron era..

      Now Goldman Sachs and their cronies in at Treasury and the FED run the country, all for the benifit of the top 1% of the food chain..

      Predatory Capatalism is what is bred in an unregulated Democracy..

      greed always wins...polititians are always bought, government was completely for sale last 8 years..

      Damage is done....

    • Good post.

      China also subsidizes their state owned factories with loans from the state owned banks--loans that will never be repaid. The hole in the Chinese banking system is approx. equal to their accumulated trade reserves--$1.8T. So it's basically a wash. In other words, the politically dictated super low yuan which produces the trade surpluses can be canceled out by the hole in China's banking system. So aside from feeding and educating the masses since the 1949 revolution, the Chinese Commies have accomplished nothing except steal manufacturing and technology from others while displacing and enslaving hundreds of millions of their people. The quality of their production remains a major issue. As does corruption at the highest levels. They say they are fighting that and execute a few hundred "officials" every year but rarely few if any of the higher ups.

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