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  • yuregosuks yuregosuks Jan 19, 2010 6:02 PM Flag

    Anybody doubt if Obama

    called on Acorn to throw the election? Even if he didn't call 0n Acron to cheat, he would still know when they did through his Acorn associates. And Obama would be smiling.

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    • Acorn? Doubt it. I think they probably pulled down a lot of sweetheart dollars, earmarks and set-asides in the 1 trillion set spending bill.

      If we are lucky they went to Port au Prince for a winter vacation.

      There are 150,000 dead people on the voting rolls in MA. They can always try to steal the election the Chicago way? Kinda fitting seeing how Obama and his Chicago cabal paid a recent visit to the state stumping for Coakley.

    • Did you see the big raise congress has just given them selves? Darn, we in big trouble. The hogs feeding at the trough are dictating what kind of slop they are being fed.
      Country is in bad financial shape and all federal employees get a big raise. SS recipients get nothing while medicare goes up.

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