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  • dapig2 dapig2 Feb 15, 2010 9:09 PM Flag


    the bum out. This instant..

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    • As a retired gov't employee and a retired union person, I am able to look at our country's problems and see very clearly what the 2 main problems are.
      Think about it. Unions have been able to get union supporters elected into all gov'ts; federal, state, county and city. Most laws are passed that only help unions. Unions should never have been allowed for gov't employees.
      WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE when hogs feeding at the trough dictate the slop being fed.
      Think about it.

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      • I'm glad to hear a union worker acknowledge what I've been saying for years! Unions have ruined the auto industry, the airline industry and are preventing real progress in our schools. Unions started out as a great idea and a real need, but the greed of the robber barrons has now been replaced with the greed of union leaders and they haven't eliminated the greed of the executives! Its a lose lose situation for the rest of the middle class that just shows up to work but is still seeing their standard of living decrease while government workers are increasing their salaries in the backdrop of a recession and at the same time watching while Obama rewards his union buddies with their tax dollars so their kids will be straddled with even more debt!

        I've said for a long time that the middle class needs to get off their arses, rise up, vote and be heard. We've gotten to this point, in art, because of an apathetic middle class!

    • Yes, let Sarah finish his term out.

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