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  • fogetabouutit fogetabouutit Feb 19, 2010 1:48 PM Flag

    Woods Vindictiveness

    < No, you and her want money and you're extorting it from Tiger or you're going to release his emails. >

    That's the price Tiger has to pay. Personally, I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone who cheats on his/her spouse. Tiger's scum, IMO, and if he has to pay off these strippers, dancers, hostesses, etc. so be it.

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    • Yes, I pretty much agree. He is just another lying, cheating, prima donna celebrity who simply took longer to get caught than some.

      If he ends up in the poor house and his only money is from playing gold, then that is his penalty for being stupid and may bring back some much needed humility.

      His kids and wife are the ones I feel sympathy for.

    • I don't have any sympathy either, but I think the morals of our society have gone to sh*t on both sides of every equation. These whores are no better than he was and their lawyers are worse than both sides trying to act like they want apologies when all they want is money. They are ALL f*cked up and that's what I think middle America is just getting sick and tired of!!!!!!!!!

      Whores, tax cheats, lying politicians, corrupt officials, a JustUs system, inept leaders and then the rest of us -- those who just go to work each day and try to raise our kids right, trying to teach them that you DON'T want to grow up like a Kardashian, you CAN'T trust Wall Street or brokers because they will both make you broker, you DO need to fear an oversized government, and you DO need to realize that we are now a nation of everybody for themselves!

      The dems are in charge now and I hope the slate is wiped clean in 2010. I'm not saying the republicans are going to be better, in fact you could probably beat against it, But I think a message needs to be sent and IF the republicans can't do better then I think its got to be, absolutely has to be, no excuses, time to completely eliminate our two party system all together!

      The middle class is rising up. The democrats have already proven that they won't listen to their needs. If the republicans can't meet their needs, then I don't think there is anywhere left to turn but a completely independent party. That may be difficult, but I think the day is drawing nearer!

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      • Gotta disagree that Tiger's harem is as bad as he is. Tiger is married with kids. These prostitutes and dancers screw for a living.

        I don't share your view about the middle class rising up. I think there are many right wingers who are p-o'd, but that doesn't encompass the entire middle class. Again, I disagree with populist movements as they are angry people who are against things, not for things.

        Ya gotta stop watching Hannity and Beck who spend all their shows bashing the current situation. The whole Palin, tea party, Hannity and Beck crowd is depressing. It is ALL about preaching to the choir and riling up the right wing crowd - not healthy!

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