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  • ss613489 ss613489 Sep 17, 2010 11:15 AM Flag

    Stop wasting your time watching share prices

    It would be a lot better if people around here were discussing the company's prospects and financial results that this constant back and forth over what price the last buyer and seller agreed on. That is irrelevant information to an investor in a company and is the type of talk that speculators engage in.

    We know that the trends are very favorable to this business for the forseeable future with the phaseout of the old CRT TVs, faster replacement cycles and increasing purchasing power of the Chinese, Indians and other asian countries. Also this gorilla glass product appears to be a huge hit with sales going from $200 million in 2009 to $1 billion in 2011 and many new applications being found for it each day(including fast growing Apple ones). The other businesses such as fiber are doing better than we thought they could entering the year.

    As for the financial performance, the company will earn about $2.00 per share this year and its cash flow should approximate the earnings. The would give an investor a 12% return on his purchase at $16-$17, much better than his possible returns from any fixed income investment and better than most common stocks available. We received some of that return through dividends, but the rest will be invested in high return projects by the company for our future benefit without having to pay double tax on it at present.

    This return figures to grow as the company has now forecast doubling revenues in 5 years this week based on the demand for new products.

    If those wanting to talk about politics could find a more appropriate place as well as the speculators it would make this a more informative discussion board. If all you are interested in is the minute by minute transactions in a stock, why does it need to be this one, there are more transactions done in other stocks that can give you a lot more time to waste talking about.

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    • Options are a way of life for corporate america today. This is not unusual or peculiar to Corning. My only complaint is their lack of "charisma" for lack of a better word. One on one, I'm sure they're fine, but they've got to upgrade their "salesmanship" to the investment community. JMHO

    • Can you guarantee what you've said? You sound as if you know something. Wipe the poo out of your eyes and wake up. A 12% return on Corning would take 5000 years and that's if you're lucky. If Corning solved global warming, and execs weren't overpaid, maybe a a 20% return. And that would take 10,000 years based on fibonacci retracement analytics.

    • ss613.

      I'll give you the skinny on GLW believe it or not you will understand in your own time. It doesn't matter about what it seems it should do, fundamentals, technicals, good news, future products or anything else the mind can imagine. This stock will trade only between $15 and $20 from now until the end of your lifetime. In good economic times it can go to $27 or $29 and in bad times it can go to $6 or $8 That is the whole ball of wax and in time you will know this to be true. It is a good swing trade but the worst stock in the world to hold long term. There are powers at play with GLW that I do not fully understand but other than swing trades it is the worlds greatest sucker play.

    • Jeeez! Nothing like asking someone not to do something to get them to do it with fervor. While some things you said are above my knowledge with regards to specific numbers and such, I won't belittle you for talking about finances on a financial message board. To be concerned about a few cent movement over and over is a serious waste of time. To debate long term price movement is insightful. I think Gorilla Glass and it's present use and future prospects will make GLW a good investment going forward. Fiber optics are increasingly replacing copper lines in the transmission of information. Another positive. Lastly, please no one rub my back, I hate it when you rub my back....I'll give you one hour to stop that or i'll be really mad! GLTA ....P.S. An increase in dividend payouts will really make this stock pop.

    • Once you've primed the pump, that's enough, pumping GLW get's boring after a few posts, that's why they have numbers on a remote control, change the channel!

    • "If those wanting to talk about politics could find a more appropriate place as well as the speculators it would make this a MORE INFORMATIVE discussion board."

      Nice argument, dude. Less information = more informative. I'd add that War is Peace and Love is Fear and Big Brother is watching you...

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      • ssh00 Sep 17, 2010 12:47 PM Flag

        >Nice argument, dude. Less information = more informative. I'd add that War is Peace and Love is >Fear and Big Brother is watching you.

        Actually, he's spot on. On the surface, the statement seems self contradictory, but digging a bit deeper it's accurate. Too much information makes discerning important ideas from the unimportant difficult. An appropriate analogy would be that it's like "trying to find a needle in a haystack".

    • "That is irrelevant information to an investor in a company and is the type of talk that speculators engage in."

      What kind of fascist, thought-policeman are you?! My guess: Sheriff.

    • That is the dumbest post I've read in a long time. There is an infinite plethora of knowledge with respect to investing, and the foremost reason to engage in discussion is the pleasure to be derived from finding things out. As far as I know, yahoo does not limit our space, so why deny anyone their freedom to express whatever they wish? I suspect we don't discuss your particular view as often as we could, or perhaps should, because I think we are all in agreement. When GLW gets to $24, most assuredly there will be heated debates on the fundamentals. At $17, I think we are all in agreement: GLW will move higher. A more pertinent question now is "WHEN?". And the value macro-economic and polical beliefs are correspondingly higher now than at other times.

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      • YOu are correct in your statement about ss.... and his statements....However, I think you took it too literal. He is expressing his dismay about himself, not others, looking at stock prices way too often. And maybe even the whole of TV and our society these days....which I would agree, its all about price...right now...not about investment decisions.

        anyway, one can taylor the Yahoo message board anyway one wants with the ignore function. Who gives a dam^ about freedom of speech..IGNORE.

    • You talk as if you're not a speculator. If not then why are on this board? You are more then likley trying to get an idea as to the direction of price like everyone else. I don't like the political BS either, this is just the wrong place to air that kinda stuff. I'm in at 17.00 kinda like watching paint dry. I unlike you am trying to make money I don't care about the company.

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      • I am not trying to get an idea of an future market price changes. The next price that people transact at is not something that I or anyone other than the two sides that enter into that agreement can know in advance. I am trying to exchange information as to the future growth prospects of the company or problems with current products that may hurt those prospects.

        I own stakes in private businesses and research them the same way, looking at industry publications for new developments and new on competitors in addition to what the management tells me. I don't run around everyday getting my private business stakes appraised by the minute so why should I act any different with my public investments.

    • I agree entirely with what you have stated with one exception - Flaws said a few years which equates to 2-3 not 5. Its all positive with this company and ultimately its stock.

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