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  • jcotman jcotman Jan 20, 2011 10:34 AM Flag

    Asahi glass!

    This large glass company says it's got a similar Gorilla glass product. Knowing these outfits always undersell American co's. How much of an impact could this hurt? I don't know if we can see that far down the road. Hopefully we come out ahead.

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    • God! You people scare me..... Gorilla Glass is just a tiny sector in the gigantic Corning line up of amazing products. And, do you think Corning scientists are now asleep at the wheel after developing GG? Of course not!! Get a grip people!!!

    • There was a general preference and price premium for PCs with Intel chips versus equivalent performance AMD chips for a long time. This was a result of consumer preference, even though neither Intel nor AMD made full computer systems.

      Whether they purchase the product from Corning or not, if the consumers actually identify quality with the presence of a Corning brand name (i.e. Gorilla Glass) then there is an enormous amount of value created.

      The fact that you don't get it means that you have limited understanding of how consumer products work.

    • There you go. Calling names to avoid the question.

      You are quick to call me on my bs. But no response to your assertion Apple is using Gorilla glass.

      Put some of that highintelligence to work and proove what you post. That is, if you can come up with something besides name calling.

      Like I said, put up or shut up.

    • Good one.

    • In that case, I will call that remark ugly!

    • Wait a minute highintelllect I resemble that remark.

    • There are so many faulty assumptions in your post as to defy any credibility (even your lack thereof).

      "Asians are starting to consolidate companies in the mobile device arena." Oh really? You mean like Samsung Corning?

      "Any offer that comes in, hostile or not, that's $35-40 range will be jumped on by the shareholders." Oh really? Not me!

      Your statements are holding about as much credibility as gfo, fidel, and suks.

    • You are truly a paranoid dumbass suks!

      That post was not about gorilla glass, but about the huge growth of devices using bandwidth, and the resulting need for increased fiber optics.

      Try to do better!

    • Comparing Corning Ware to Gorilla glass is like comparing apples to oranges. Gorilla glass is not something a consumer would/could buy directly--it is a component of a larger device i.e. tablets, phones TV‘s. Corning Ware was always a consumer product that you could do direct marketing to the consumer. The customers for Gorilla glass are the big guys like Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony…… . Asahi struggles to compete with GLW in LCD glass production because of Corning’s IP protected technologies. They will have the same issues in this “tough” glass arena IMHO.

    • Asahi should just buyout GLW. They might as well put them out of their misery at some point! It would suck for the institutions that make more money selling GLW calls than you can make stuffing gobs of money in any savings accounts, CD, bonds or any other "safe" investment, but it would be good for common shareholders! Hey, that would be refreshing, something good for the common shareholder!

      Asahi is going to see much higher growth than GLW in their Asian markets over the coming years and despite GLW building plants in Asia, they won't compete, Americans must really think the Asian are idiots if they think they're just going to hand over their massive markets and growing middle classes to us! Asaha will dwarf GLW at some point, GLW might as well submit and get some money while the gettin is good!

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