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  • mervinschmerdly mervinschmerdly Jan 24, 2011 2:42 PM Flag

    Roomer finally exposed

    GLW investers suffering from exceptionally severe psychosomatic disorders. Commonly referred to as Corningitus. Only cure is to sell all shares and invest in money market account paying .05% interest.

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    • This is a great country isn't it? Makes you feel like going out and buying a flag.

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      • Flag?, It is astounding how uptight people can get about what is, in fact, a piece of cloth. Admittedly, a symbolic piece of cloth. It stands for the genocide of the American Indians, for the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, for the attrocities at Abu Ghraib, for the uncaring destruction of the planet in the name of consumer capitalism, for holding the entire world hostage with nuclear weapons, for the CIA toppling democratically elected governments & propping up dictators around the world, for the “war on drugs” which means in reality defoliating the crops of peasant farmers in Colombia and elsewhere. The list goes on. And on. If you can look soberly at that legacy of brutality and still respect the cloth that symbolizes it all, I’d submit that you’re a pretty callous person. I say torch those bad boys up. And here is a nice quote from a Philosopher and American Historian that taught at BC. He also flew bombers during WWII, he died a few months ago: "No flag is big enough to cover the shame of Killing innocent civillians" Howard Zinn.
        We are one country, it is only necessary to fly one flag over our Capital. All others are just redundant. Stop buying Chineese made flags!

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