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  • teerod88 teerod88 Jan 25, 2011 3:39 PM Flag

    What is the Market Potential for Gorilla glass?

    250M last year, Possibly a Billion this year. How big is the market? You have to think GLW could possibly sell all that it can deliver with the tablets exploding worldwide. Any educated estimates regarding capacity and demand out there?

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    • My neighbor would pay anything for gorilla glass to replace his garage door glass his son breaks with his basketball. I bet he has replaced the broken glass 4 times last summer lol

    • What about potential for 3D TV

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      • Okay let me shed some light with a ramble of things that come off the top of my head. Most cell phones will become obsolete, smart phones will be the standard within 3-5 years. The internet will be availalbe on practically every device. Touch cameras with internet where you can upload your pics to facebook or other websites from your camera. Or phones such as the iphone or Sprint evo have just as good of cameras that digital cameras may be become obsolete as well imo. Touch screens becoming increasingly popular and consumer friendly. This is all good news for Corning. Apple growing faster than Google, Corning supplys their glass. Verizon just got Iphone. More phones= good for GLW. The tablet market is projected to continue to increase. Corning supplys most of the glass for tablet computers, including the Samsung tab and ipad. Corning glass potential on car windshields. Lighter, thinner, stronger, safer- its possible. Fiber optics, 4G Lte is the future. Solar panels potential great idea, didnt think of that one. May be a long shot, but house windows, storm windows, arcitechtual uses, bullet proof windowsGorilla Glass is already projected a billion dollar market within 1-2 years and thats just one product of GLW. Corning has over 70 percent of its business overseas, NOT in the United States. China and India have billions of people that love technoglogy and are more technologically advanced than the United States currently. The potential for GLW is limitless and if the economy can steadily get better and consumer spending rises a little, GLW can explode. It may be a bumpy ride, may take 5-8 years, but you will get a good return on your investment. One other point, to the people who say GLW needs "Big Money" to buy in, like hedge funds and stuff. 80 percent of GLW stock is owned by institutions. One more fun fact, GLW has a trillion dollar line of credit with Goldman Sachs. Why would a powerhouse like Goldman risk a trillion dollar credit line if GLW wasnt a trustworthy relaible company. In 5 mintues it took me to think of all these potential uses and/or factual uses for Corning Glass. I am not an expert, genious, chemist, or scientist. I trust innovation and technological advancements to continue to improve as the days months years progress. Thank you and your feedback and input is appreciated. GLW long and strong!

    • Gorilla Glass has not even begun to explore it's potential. I think that soon it will be making some applications for the military, automobile, medical, home & office, sporting goods, retail display cases, and on and on and on. The potential growth is basically unlimited at this time. And I am talking world wide!!! How many more applications can you all come up with???

    • Kody Willard's analysis in the WSJ

      Say it with me — Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass. Just five short years ago, Gorilla Glass didn’t even exist as a business line and Corning’s dominance of a smartphone/tablet world wasn’t much pondered or modeled. It still isn’t, but it should be. Of the $7 billion in sales that most analysts expect Corning to generate next year, they’re looking for sales of just over a billion dollars for the Gorilla Glass segment. The business did $400 million in 2009 and we’ll likely see that closer to $1.5 or even $2 billion in sales for Gorilla Glass in 2011.

      Earnings estimates for next year are likely too low also, and we could see the company earn upwards or $2.50 in 2012 vs. the $1.90 current estimate. Put a 15 multiple on that and we’re talking about a double or more in this stock in the next twenty-four months.

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      • At this early stage it is impossible to guess the future market size. In addition to current pegged products there are products that have not even been conceived yet.These will be things that could not be designed with glass in the past and GG will be the future enabler.Watch what happens when some company announces a product like that!

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