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  • djbigp316 djbigp316 Jun 21, 2011 12:10 PM Flag

    what's wrong with GLW?!

    i don't understand why GLW will not go up?!?! it's mindblowing...

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    • I held GLW for many years and finally decided it was dead I sold it a few months ago and moved on. BTW, I love the company, I just can not own it any longer.

      I can't answer for everyone, but I can explain why I got out and that may help answer your question---what is wrong with GLW??.
      In no particular order---
      1. There are too many share outstanding. I think that makes it difficult for the stock to go up. A few years ago the board approved a measure to buy back shares. They never followed through completely. That would raise the share price.
      2. Say what you want, but insiders keep selling. I know why--the stock options thing, but as an investor I found it unnerving. I also think that these stock options continually put more shares on the market and that goes back to my original point above.
      3. If you look at the Yahoo Statistical information, you will see that GLW sells for more than intrinsic value. I think that is a function of too many shares and too high a price.
      4. GLW is so predicatble that day traders can make a fortune. I think this is especially true of the computer generated day trades that move in and out within seconds and for pennies of profit. I think this keeps the price within a certain range.
      5. The dividend is low--investors can do better somewhere else.
      6. After many years of going nowhere--I realized that GLW is a $20 stock + or - $3

      Those are my thoughts on why GLW doesn't move.

    • Regardless of how the company is performing, the market impression is that the economy is limping along and that people don't buy luxury items like flat screens in uncertain times...which is true.

      Like it or not, GLW is still perceived (and rightly so) as a one trick pony...people trade it accordingly.

      By the way, here comes that $16 range I was waiting for again...

    • GLW does go up.

      You just dont see it.

      Stock opens red and falls to a new low.

      Then, stock trades up but not above the red opening price.

      Next day same thing.

      So GLW does go up.

      Happens every day.

    • I think this is the last chance to drive down price for big boys entrance at cheaper price. If market doesnt tank Glw goes past 20$ before earnings. Who would not pay a little more to get a TV that ones child cannot break?

    • I totally agree and am as baffled as anyone else. The company continues to grow with new products, has a ton of cash and has beat analysts prediction almost evry time - I have no idea what is wrong. We s/b at 25 not 17.

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