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  • checknthe_mail checknthe_mail Oct 18, 2011 2:24 PM Flag

    The arrogance of the Republican Party got the US in this mess

    but it is true Subprime Lending was introduced by Clinton/Rubin and approved by the Congress. As we all know they want to blame Wall Street, the revolving door that lobbyiest have with the President and Congress hold thier key to Re-election. Americans are second class citizens and that should be no. 1 with the Wall Street protestors. Bush did not know what hit him to prove that months earlier he claimed a Robust Economy. Didn't help much that Greenspan said the Subprime Model was sound, and during an interview 2009 he was asked Did You cause the it was recession but its ended into a depression.

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    • Yep, and Bush's answer, lower taxes and invade two countries, and the medivcare bonus, the "donuthole" for Big Pharma. Shouldn't he go to jail for duping the "Depraved Electorate"?

    • Clinton/Rubin wanted Johnson's Great Society housing plan privatized and ran by banks, who would be straight-jacketed by Democrap political objectives that have no basis in economics.

      Bush went along with it, because he is a scion off the liberal, elitist Rockefeller Repukes who are more or less simpatico with Clinton (and definitely not Reagan, who was aligned with the Libertarians).

      So, yeah. Don't vote for Libs or Neo-cons (Libs in paint) this time. My suggestion is to try Ron Paul if you really want an honest shake-up of incompetence and corruption as usual.

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