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  • cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Jan 25, 2012 1:21 PM Flag

    President Barrack Hussein Obama and

    I guess it hurts to see our President accomplish more in three years than Bush did in his two terms when it comes to fighting terrorism. And don't forget the real Bush legacy. By attacking and weakening Iraq which was Iran's mortal enemy, we now have a real threat in Iran. To bad GW didn't listen to his dad. Thousands of our young men and women had to die and suffer horrific wounds in Bush's misguided attempt to find the alleged weapons of mass destruction which were fabricated by Cheney and the other Neocons.

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    • Actually President Bush killed more terrorists, opened up Guitmo, and put in place ALL the anti-terrorism procedures that Hussein Obama has used since gaining office. As a reminder, Obama said he would close Guitmo (still open), he was against the surge in IRAQ (which worked), and once again used the apparatus put in place by President Bush to kill the terrorists. Obama also wanted to try high profile Terrorists in civilian NY courts and then later backed off because of negative press. Hussein Obama also called President Bush Irresponsible for increasing the debt by 3 TRILLION over 8 years. Obama has increased the debt by over 5 TRILLION in 3 years. YES, I do agree the WAR in Iraq should never have happened. However, the Dems and Repubicans (including Hillary Clinton), voted for it back in 2003.

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      • Example of misguided right wing bull. Instead of admitting that the Iraq War was a travesty we hear how the surge worked. Wow these right wing magicians sure know the art of misdirection.

      • You forgot that Bush never paid one dime for the Iraq War. That's right, the total cost of the Iraq War was just added to the national debt. It is pretty easy to declare war when you send somebody else's kids over to fight it and you pass on the cost of the war to future generations. The real shame is that Ben Laden was the culprit, and Iraq had nothing to do with terrorist attacks on our country. If you did a little research, you would find that Saddam was not religious at all and he had no time for religious terrorists like Ben Laden. By taking Saddam out and then totally destroying Iraq's military structure, GW opened up Iraq to the terrorists. And don't forget how Bush let Al-Sader go to Iran after his cronies killed numerous American troops. If Iraq falls, you can bet Al-Sader will be a big part of it.

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