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  • burgresident burgresident Oct 30, 2012 11:27 AM Flag

    Good Morning Mittens. Tax Returns?

    Must be right next to the Obama college records and passport know, the one that shows him to be a foreigner and probably not an actual graduate... but hey, new President in what, about 160 hours? You going to start being civil then? Or will you get a bad case of Romney Deraignment Syndrome. Come on, if I can survive 4 years of this can survive 8 years of competency. Hope you are having a super day! I am as I watch the polling data continue to creep my way...Prediction...Romney with a 7 point lead once all the votes are counted...House stays Republican and the Senate gets close but sadly stays Dem.

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    • Stop drinking burgresident. Sober up. Once you go on the wagon all of your delusions will disappear. Start focusing on 2016 at the end of President Obama's second term. BTW Obamacare covers mental problems like yours including addictions. I urge you to get help.

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      • Haha...Nice. But I do have a fondness for a well-crafted intention of putting down the glass any time soon. Delusions? Yup, I had a few. Like thinking that Mr Obama really wanted to do anything with the sitting Republicans once he began his term. Disclosure, I voted for the other guy, but wow, do you remember the feeling of history in the making at Inauguration? What happened to that? Sadly, what we got was the statement, "Elections have Consequences". And we got a Steam-Rolled Healthcare package that we just had to pass to see what was in it! has tax increases! One simple Tax that has slammed me. The Health Care Savings Account (FSA) limit was dropped from $5,000 to $2,500, thus exposing me to additional income tax on the difference. Guess my son's braces are going to take more out of my family budget. Didn't realize I was one of those "Millionaires and Billionaires"... And don't even start me on the Benghazi thing. They let men die...and then flat out lied. That is unforgivable, regardless of how sad he and Hillary pretended to be at the casket a side note, how many Jarheads has your guy welcomed home? Sorry dude, time to take out the trash...I just hope we can recover from the economic damage he and his ilk forced upon us. I stand behind my word...Romney by 7.

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