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  • burgresident burgresident Nov 2, 2012 10:48 AM Flag

    Good Morning Mittens. Tax Returns?

    Wow, an honest reply without name-calling...that alone forces another reply from me! Further disclosure, I am a Marine with 2 deployments to the Sandbox...the first in '91 and then I was a part of the invasion force that eventually stopped in Baghdad. I knewseveral of those 4,000 and even shared some brews with a few. WMD? If we honestly look at it...EVERYBODY who mattered (and I mean the various Intelligence Services...both our and allies) were convinced that Uncle Saddam had them and was going to use them. In fact, I crossed the border into Iraq in a Chemical Suit and fully expected to get slimed at some point during the war. No, Dubya did not lie...he executed with the best info available. We found out later that the info was suspect. Regardless, I remain convinced that the Iraq War was the correct action to take at the time. Personally, we almost lost the "Peace" in the following two year...freakin' shiites...but the President rightly executed the Surge, the Sunni's figured out that it WAS their country afterall, and we had been chipping away at the terrorist leadership...well, those things add up. I challenge you to find an Iraqi common man that yearns for the days of Uncle Saddam. Now on the DoD budget...I'm kind of half way with you...though we both know the Romney talk is just politics. Yet one more disclosure...I work in DoD Acquisitions. Our "stuff" is tired. Or maintenance costs are rather steep, our various fleets (both Navy and Air Force) are older than you would expect. We do need to recapitalize. Personally, I want to do it AFTER a well run Quadrennial Review. I suspect that Mr. Romney will heed his advisors...remember, he is a very successful businessman...they tend to listen. Regardless, the shocking budgetary realities will drive government spending for the next four year and probably into the next two decades...simply put, we are busted. You can't buy $100 worth of stuff with 65 bucks. Printing the missing $35 is pretty much a crime everywhere but in Congress. Seriously, there are some VERY hard decisions staring at the next President and Congress. I truly curse this past democrat Congress for the passing the various messes and the sitting President for signing it. Yes, the Repub's blew it when they had it in the 90's and were rightly tossed from office. Fiscal Austerity is coming to America...I do hope you are prepared.

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