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  • lucetteo1 lucetteo1 Feb 5, 2013 7:17 PM Flag

    Do you love America? What are the odds?


    In 1 morning 19 men hijack 4 planes in America in 5 minutes each without pilots programming hijack alert take these planes hit 2 of the largest skyscrapers in the world and the most secure building in the world the pentagon in a country that had spent 16 trillion in military spending up to that time. 4 out 8 black boxes not found but 3 of the passprots of the hijackers survive the crashes. 3 skyscrapers collapse in almost freefall and 2 of the skyscrapers are almost the tallest in the world. 2 of the planes flight 77 & 93 evaporated. The pilots couldn't control small planes but were able to fly these planes in a way that almost no pilot in the world could do. The speed of all 4 planes exceeded the manufactures speed limitations.1 skyscraper collapsed in freefall by fire without being hit by a plane. A skyscraper had never collapsed by fire before or after If you really love America you would realize that America was attacked on 911 and would really want to know who, how and why. Just asked yourself what are the odds?

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