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  • wgboxman2 wgboxman2 Mar 17, 2013 10:19 AM Flag

    muslim insanity is on the rise in every country in the world. Thank olamo for his billions of dollars to support world wide terrorism


    Muslim rapes in India 1 every 20 minutes and they blame the women . Need I remind liberals of olamos faith?
    In 2012, a staggering 635 rape cases were reported in New Delhi alone. A more frightening figure, however, was that only one culprit was arrested. According to a report, after every 20 minutes, a new rape case is reported in India. Many lawyers, police officials, ministers and scientists have been blaming the victims for being raped, arguing that they invite men towards them. They say that women dress inappropriately, with sleeveless shirts, tight tops and short skirts that accentuate their bodies. Many argue that such dressing triggers hormonal and adrenaline-based urges in illiterate men, who do not know better than to control these urges. Many people also argue that the astonishing rate of rape in India is because schools do not provide sex education and a large proportion of people are uneducated. They said that if a woman is being gang raped, she should surrender rather than resist.
    Nirbhaya’s case has opened the eyes of the Indian government and orders have been given to hire buses with female drivers and conductors. Some still argue that women should maintain their modesty and wear overcoats so that they do not attract attention of potential rapists. 2013 has not started any better than 2012 ended in India in terms of the protection of women. A 17-year old committed suicide after being raped in November 2012. A 29-year was raped by six men on a bus. A seven-year old girl was raped in her school bathroom (the headmistress was arrested because the bathroom was adjacent to her office), and a 4-year old was raped in a bus on her way home from school. It is high time the Indian government and society at large stand up against the culture of rape that is developing in the country. Despite the fact that most people detest the idea of rape, it is time they stand up and prosecute those who are responsible for these heinous action

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