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  • arrs20 arrs20 Mar 22, 2013 1:13 PM Flag

    Some here don't like friends.

    What with us?

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    • arrs20 you seem like a nice person. However, there are many on this board who are crude, ignorant and love to play the victim. They are in a sorry state emotionally so they blame everything on the President and liberals. They are suffering culture shock because their white dominent world is changing and they are lashing out llike a fish pulled from the sea who lands in a boat and thrashes around trying to use its gills to suck in air. They are angry because they are now the one's that feel like they are relegated to the back of the bus. Unless they get healthy psychologically, they are doomed to keep flailing away day in and day out until they die. Sad.

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      • Arrs, I agree with Indie. There was a time when this was a good board. It was frequented by reasonable adults who were capable of intelligent conversations about the stock, the economy and politics. Now the board is filled with posts by a few cranky old white men who cannot adapt to America's changing demographics. They are irked - not by Obama's policies - but by his skin color. As long as those sad sacks post, there will be patriots like Indie, Clyde, Vuso, Wrath, TC and others who stop by to give them a well deserved tongue lashing.

      • I am not prejudice. I am against what Obama is doing. It will not help blacks or any poor people in the end.
        Since Kennedy all promises and no improvement.
        I was poor. 6 siblings no dad in the 1950s -1960s. Shinned shoes, sold papers etc , in Chicago since the age of 8. You get the picture.
        I could go on and probably did some where on these site long ago.
        I been around gangs and small crime. Actually banned from the Museum of science and industry in Chicago around 1963. My name was on a banned list. lol funny those days.
        Was locked in a store with electric locks and beaten as I wanted some food. I had no money
        Arrested at age 12. wont say why. They surrounded my apartment while I lay in a yard across the alley and watched in the dark of night.
        Vietnam, worked for major corp etc. honest as can be now and would help any one who I can, and I do. ah enough. Obama is not for me. I earned every cent from the bottom.
        lol I was waiter at age 59-60 with all the young Blacks, Mexicans, white women, etc. no problem fun.
        I tried it all.
        GLTU now I will hear the bashing.
        Fun for me. I could handle anything IMHO.

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