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  • indepenedenceday indepenedenceday Apr 22, 2013 11:52 AM Flag

    wgboxman2 and cl86cl are a sleeper cell with allegiance to Mohammad and Lenin. They continue to send

    messages to each other on this board by pretending to hate Muslims and Communists. Their bible is the Koran and The Communist Manifesto. Don't let these two pretenders fool you.

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    • No quarrel with you either. You are usually reasonable. Sad you support Obama and his group. They have done much damage already. Many high paying tax payers and corporations are no longer American citizens etc. These are who we need to do well. Very sad tax policies while GE and others pay little or no tax. They also support Obama. do you agree with GE paying no tax and Google paying very little while the small business guys pay.

    • I will take my chances with them on my side when the #$%$ hits the fan. They may be a bit harsh but I agree with most of there opinions about getting back America.

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