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  • wgboxman2 wgboxman2 Jun 10, 2013 9:14 AM Flag

    Boring stick in the mud liberals have no sense of humor. If they did they would be laughing at olamo.



    By: William Kaliher

    In my continuing study of the malfunction commonly termed, the liberal thought process I often focus on the level of their humor. Generally speaking today's liberal "humor" reflects the mind of a simpleton. A joke as complicated as a man slipping on a banana peel would be over the heads of roughly 85% of all liberals. Their basic jokes are on the level of something like, "Hey Bush is a doo-doo head." Study the dour faces of leading liberals and the blank and bland expressions on the faces of retreads that follow them and it explains why this level of joke is effective. The retardation required to laugh at most liberal humor is why I don't fear liberals on anything beyond them voting for evil people. Still, there is that 15% of the liberal population that is capable of appreciating, telling and enjoying a real joke against non-liberals.

    The liberals now have sixty-four anti-Republican jokes circulating on the Internet. These are titled, "You might be a republican if..." In that indomitable liberal style that explains why in their system trains would never run on time and why our society has so many warts they weren't able to put the jokes out as 1 through 64. No, on the same e-mail we get "You might be a republican if..." 1 through 44 and "You might be a Republican if..." 1 through 20. I realize most people were already afraid of Hillary's socialist medical system. Now try to imagine it again being run by people that can't list 1 through 64. Perhaps, this will help you understand why LBJ's five trillion dollar and counting Great Society Program increased poverty, why the money thrown away on education reduces test scores, morality and discipline. Pick your liberal government program, the principle remains the same, it's managed by morons that can't work out 1 through 64.

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    • Bill Maher is a lot funnier and perceptive than you dopes will ever be. He got you nailed in your slimy corner. You Tea Baggers can only find an audience in the boondocks with misfits#$%$ baldies and feeble old white boys. Can you all just do us all a favor and move to the the bug/snake infested states of Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas,etc and form your own country where you can have beef jerky white trash parties and shoot each other dead with your gun collections.

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