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  • wgboxman2 wgboxman2 Jun 20, 2013 12:04 PM Flag

    It's high time all Democrats throw the towell in on olamo. Except blacks. I get it Your darn proud to have a black in the W.H.


    Democrats , Deadly surface to air missiles sent to libya by our prez have fallen into the hands of al kid ya not due to the his incompetence and his governments. Now he has already delivered these same types of hand held missile launchers to Syria , that will find there way into al kids and Hezz B hands. Seriously is this what you wanted your elected prez to be doing ? The great country of Israel along with the globe will suffer greatly from these missiles now in the hands of our enemies. Commercial air flights might have to be cancelled altogether.
    Add to that his 5 year old continued wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have cost the lives of 2500 plus Americans. This represents a 75% increase over deaths while bush was in office.
    And seriously did any of you dems believe he would expand the patriot act ( like it's on steroids ) to spy on every message and phone call you make? Would you have ever believed that the ACLU , NY Times , Dem senators , the NYCU , etc etc etc would have come out and condemned him? I Think not ! You should all be demonstrating against the prez for destroying your civil liberties along with his dragging us into another war and his irresponsible supplying of Libya and Syria with surface to air missiles. Republicans will join you hand in hand to protest our involvement in his 2 ongoing wars and his entrance into a third.

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