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  • pauxboy56 pauxboy56 Jul 10, 2013 8:39 AM Flag

    Who were the Politicians who put the money into this boondoogle in Afghanistan, not needed by the Army!


    The Honorable Charles T. HagelSecretary of DefenseGeneral Lloyd J. Austin IIICommander, U.S. Central CommandGeneral Joseph F. Dunford, Jr.Commander, U.S. Forces–Afghanistan, andCommander, International Security Assistance ForceThe Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) ischarged with preventing and detecting waste, fraud, and abuse in programs and operationsrelating to the reconstruction of Afghanistan. On a recent trip to Afghanistan, I uncovered apotentially troubling example of waste that requires your immediate attention.I was told by senior U.S. military officials that the recently completed Regional Command-Southwest (RC-SW) Command and Control Facility, a 64,000 square feet building andrelated infrastructure with a contract award value of $34 million that was meant to serve asa command headquarters in Helmand to support the surge, will not be occupied. Based ondocuments provided to SIGAR, it appears that military commanders in Afghanistandetermined as early as May 2010 that there was no need for the facility, yet the military stillmoved ahead with the construction project and continued to purchase equipment and makevarious improvements to the building in early 2013. Based on these preliminary findings, Iam deeply troubled that the military may have spent taxpayer funds on a constructionproject that should have been stopped.In addition, I was told that U.S. military officials expect that the building will be eitherdemolished or turned over to the Afghan government as our military presence in Afghanistandeclines and Camp Leatherneck is reduced in size. Both alternatives for how to resolve thisissue are troubling—destroying a never-occupied and never-used building or turning overwhat may be a “white elephant” to the Afghan government that it may not have the capacityto sustain. Determining all of the facts on how we reached this $34 million dilemma andwhat can be done to prevent it from happening again .

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