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  • twelvepacky7 twelvepacky7 Jul 15, 2013 9:27 AM Flag




    How else can you explain why they keep showing a picture of Trayvon Martin when he was 12 years old?

    Can we look at some of the facts that were conveniently left out?

    Trayvon did not buy skittles and iced tea that night. He bought skittles and Arizona watermelon juice cocktail, a drink that was changed for fear of racially overtones. Why is this significant? Arizona watermelon juice cocktail combined with skittles and codeine syrup are the ingredients in a popular drug combination called syzzrup or “the lean.” Trayvon had multiple tweets referencing his use of it. This was not an innocent kid out to get some candy and pop, it was a kid out to get high.
    What is wrong with a kid getting high you may ask? How did he pay for it? Trayvon was suspended from school for having stolen necklaces and burglary tools in his high school locker. Most reasonable assumption, he supported his drug habit by committing burglaries.
    Now let’s look at the time frame of the night in question. What should have been a 15 minute walk to the store and back took Trayvon over an hour, walking around at night in the rain, checking out a gated community neighborhood.
    There had been break-ins in the neighborhood, and Zimmerman saw Martin walking around acting suspicious. Just walking through is not suspicious, but walking around in the rain checking out houses looking for one to rob is. Zimmerman noticed this, and called the police. Trayvon ran to not get caught, and Zimmerman kept him in his sights. The dispatcher said “you don’t have to do that” that was not an order, but rather a concern for his safety. Zimmerman did not want Trayvon to get away, as he suspected that Trayvon was the burglar who had been committing the burglaries, hence needing a neighborhood watch.
    Trayvon resented this, and in racist language referred to him as a “creepy *** cracker”. He did not like someone keeping an eye on him; no burglar likes to be caught.
    Unquestionably, he punched Zimmerman in

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    • Hey Packy, after your lobotomy, ya seem to be spending a lot of time cutting and pasting on this board, your schizophrenic rants seem to have disappeared, are you doing this for the sake of the Yahoo censors? Now back to Zimmy. The biggest problem with this whole case is not the jury’s decision, which I think was wrong, but the law that allowed this to happen in the first place. If you want to murder someone in Florida just do it with no witnesses and claim self defense, piece of cake and should work in any state that has passed a “Hold Your Ground” law.We have enough problems in America without vigilante justice from wannabe cops. Can ypu imagine to live the rest of your life wearing bulletproof vests and an entire "bulletproof hoodie" when you leave your house? Ouch, it's hot in here.

    • TY glut . now for stocks. do some research on NES ,Pes . no joke.

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