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  • arrs20 arrs20 Aug 22, 2013 11:27 AM Flag

    We all need jobs in America


    IMHO if we had jobs crime would be down. What happened to the hope promise. Empty promises just for votes. Well the votes are in and where is the hope for all people. We should work together and smarten up. All these politicians are using us to keep their dreams alive while we may not be slaves, but sure are not far from it. We work (some of us do or did) just to pay taxes for the politicians to enjoy life.
    Yes many get free everything but still are they living the life of those we vote into office. They still live in terrible areas . Full of crime.
    Lets all wake up and vote in average people as it was meant to be. Get all the lawyer types out of office.
    No joke vote me in and I will make a better life for all Americans. Americans come first, then possibly others.
    I would be shot asap because I would try doing real improvements.

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