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  • wgboxman3 wgboxman3 Sep 9, 2013 10:35 AM Flag

    Remember Hillarys decision in 2016 to follow olamo into another Arab civil war.


    Hillary supports Olamo's dreams of bombing Syria. Please remember this fact when you vote in 2016
    Liberal dems help bent on another war. Pelosi , Reid , Kerry , Olamo and of course Hillary want to bomb , murder and kill innocent children , women and men by bombing assad. In so doing they will be supporting the al kid ya 15-25% of the rebel army. ( Kerry's stat not mine ) Al kid ya makes up the majority of the rebel forces. With olamo's and Hillary's help al kid ya will run Syria if assad is defeated. Congress and the American people will stop olamo and Hillary from creating more atrocities.
    Hillary Clinton has spoken up. "Secretary Clinton supports the President's effort to enlist the Congress in pursuing a strong and targeted response to the Assad regime's horrific use of chemical weapons," an aide told Politico this evening. Previously, Team Clinton veteran Paul Begala said, "We can only have one Secretary of State at a time, and I don't think folks should attack her for letting Secretary Kerry lead the department he now runs." But they're on the same side after all.
    "You cannot even attempt a political solution if you don't have a recognized force to counter the Assad regime," Clinton said as secretary of State, backing Obama's "red line" on chemical weapons. "We have been very productive players in trying to deal with an extremely complex problem."
    Asked about her "lasting regret" in the job, she said later, "When you do these jobs, you have to understand at the very beginning that you can't control everything. There are terrible situations right now being played out in the Congo, Syria, where we all wish that there were clear paths that we could follow together in the international community to try to resolve." Rubio and Paul have stood up against olamo's help bent desire to support the al kid ya led rebels in syria. The only liberals still supporting this warmonger are ignorant racist blacks living on welfare and food stamps. Like indy , gf= vinnie , q larry.

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