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  • arrs20 arrs20 Oct 5, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

    O bama. Like or dislike, the deal


    He may have won the popular vote due to large democratic union cities. I reality he lost more districts than he won.
    Either way. If he is not for all the people. He is not a good president. We too are Americans who served our country. If not for us some of you would not be here today able to say what you want.
    We need a president for all the people. I know that would never happen ,but at least he must try to be for all.
    This guy is not a president. He has divided the country to the brink of a political war. Lucky not a street war so far.
    Obama is not helping the people who put him there. Blame and more blame is not a confident man. Take charge and get the others to support what is for the people of the United States. No the unions, and only those who voted for him.
    I agree both parties are one sided, but I do believe in my heart the republicans would make a better country for our children and grandchildren. I had my time. A little left to go. I would have no problem sacrificing for the future generations.
    Stop the spending completely until we have no debt.
    That is how I lived all my life. No debt. Not wealthy at all. After 40 years working thinking I retired early. I went to work as a waiter at Chili's for two years at 59-61 years old. #$%$ no jobs. There are many jobs. Ask the boarder crossers who come here and work more than one jobs. I know many from working with them.

    Please people help this country be strong again. Stop voting for those who want to make their friends rich at the expense of our children. That what is really happening. The poor are just pawns. I know I was very poor. Six siblings. no father. In Chicago. No hot water . No bath tub. 7 people in two bedrooms. Two bunk beds in a room.
    Food was Oatmeal, eggs and pasta. the only meat was once a month maybe kidney stew. #$%$ they have it hard now. They have what we would consider every thing without working. Give me a break. That is why now I conserve and do not live above my means.

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