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  • rosestan rosestan Jan 29, 2014 6:48 AM Flag

    corning inc

    Hi corning investors
    Its is about time the people on this message board stop bullshitting about every thing else and start talking about Corning.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Agreed. Flag irrelevant BS posts. It doesn't always work, but it works often enough that it can help control the BS which has nothing to do with Corning.

      • 1 Reply to jimmygreek27
      • jimmy the dope or should I call you vinnie. You are obviously a communist. If you weren't than you would agree that communism will not bode well for the future of GLW or any and all publicly traded stocks. Thus speaking out against olamo and his dreams of his father for a communist America is the same as speaking up for GLW and all listed companies. Without freedom the stock market will cease.

        Eventually the government will take control over all companies , businesses , land , and free thought. If you listened carefully to Olamo last night you heard him say that he is now completely in charge of America. He will no longer need support from the house or the senate to pass any and all laws he deems necessary. Olamo is now Ayatollah , dictator , hitler , idi amin , castro , marx , Sadam etc etc. all rolled up into one EVIL ball.
        As a communist and hater of a free America please free to silence , report , whine, cry and lie to any and all people that don't agree with you. What the help, Olamo silenced the media and every American being spied upon today. We welcome you to travel and live in Iran , the congo , or Cuba. Countries where your type will feel right at home with no freedom of speech living under communist governments under dictators or under Ayatollahs.

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