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  • royaltycruises royaltycruises Jun 12, 2010 5:06 PM Flag

    This room is filled with idiots

    The funny thing is this, if the company was really fake it would not be trading. Second all of you bought in during the last run way to high. you held on then when the stock tanked you blamed the company. Its called poor trading. Buy before then run not after. It's your fault you held this long and did nothing. If you were smart you would buy at .0001 and hold on for the next pump. Let me explain this for all of you basher idiots. All pennies go up, they go down. They go up fast, come down fast and they stay down until the next pump. Take a look at RMDM. it was at .0001 and everyone said it would never move, well it went up 2,000%.....hit at .0002 and ready to do it again. I can cite hundreds of these. Stop screaming conspiracy and scam because you all can not just admit when you are wrong. You bought in after the run, held on and now your mad. Be mad at yourself and stop spreading fear. Grow up

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    • Yes that's true, pennies go up, they go down, they go sideways. Doesn't mean they aren't scams. Welch has been found out, he is unable to prove a shred of what he claims much less provide a copy of the product he supposedly makes and that, you bonehead why it isn't moving.

      KKUR is NEVER gonna leave .0001

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      • First of all the device is not approved yet, its doing clinical trials. Its not in that stage yet. Second it has not moved in about a month, but it will move again. SO you say it will never move out of .0001. Your an idiot and thats like saying none of them will go up. They all go down, they all go up. Stop crying and grow up. You are not a shareholder as you claim. If you were you would not be spreading all of this crap. Nice try though. Head on over to IHUB your welcome there.

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