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    • Currently the ViaTV (VC105) is being sold in
      Australia for the price of AU $ 2200. I was told by my
      friend that the units of ViaTV sold are very good
      considering the company maybe a small company. After knowing
      this, I am very disappointed by the fact that 8's
      market division performs so poorly. They have failed to
      market VC 105 while someone is sucessfully marketing it
      with a much smaller marketing force and much higher
      price. 8 should review the marketing division's
      performance. If they fail one product they may fail other
      products. No matter how hard other divisions work and how
      good the products may be, the marketing division may
      fail to marketing again! The managing board should
      think about it seriously!

    • Here's more evidence that all telephony providers
      must be planning on slowly moving/evolving towards
      packet (IP) based

      And more about the China

      The Chinese Govt. chose VocalTec for the Trunking
      (an H.323 protocol solution) -- this means that the
      solution is like that of Net2Phone... you dial into a
      gateway, then make a call. Once they get the IP all the
      way into the home, then an 8x8 phone speaking native
      H.323 could be

    • Telecom operators to test IP services
      telecom operators, selected by the government, will
      conduct pilot Internet telephone services in
      dozens of cities today, as
      the first step to
      popularize this fledgling business despite existing

      "The experimental operation is limited to the
      mode of phone-to-phone
      while the call is paid for
      by telephone card," said Chen Yin, division

      chief of planning and development at the
      Administration Bureau.
      The three trial
      operators are China Telecom, China Unicom and China

      Jitong Corp, and they will start Internet phone services
      in 25 cities
      across the country.
      During the
      trial period, the prices of domestic and international

      long-distance calls via the Internet are temporarily fixed to
      0.3 yuan
      (US$0.036) and 4.8 yuan (US$0.58) per
      minute respectively, according to
      the bureau.

      This prices are much lower than the current fees paid
      for fixed phone
      At present, the price
      for international calls is set at 12 yuan

      (US$1.40) per minute in Asian countries and regions, except
      from the
      Middle East. To call to the rest of the
      world costs 15 yuan (US$1.80)
      per minute while
      domestic long-distance calls are 1 yuan (US$0.12) a

      "After a six-month trial operation, we will
      authorize more Internet
      service providers to engage in
      this business," said Chen.
      The use of Internet
      protocol (IP) for telephone calls became
      when a landmark court ruling in January favoured two

      entrepreneurial brothers in Fujian Province who used the Internet
      challenge China Telecom by offering
      international calls for half the
      going rate.
      The local
      court overturned an order from China Telecom to
      their equipment and money on the grounds that
      IP services were outside
      the telecom
      Date: 04/28/99
      Author: Wang Chuandong
      by China Daily

    • The market makers are absolutely making a
      killing. Online trading has been made so easy that there
      are a lot of new buyers in the market. If you pay
      careful attention to how the trades are being made, the
      market makers have a license to steal.

      To make
      matters worse, the institutionals are trading on Instinet
      all night. I have gotten burned several times
      recently on late news stories. By the time I can trade the
      next morning, the stock has already moved. The
      institutionals have the ability to trade on news while the
      markets are closed to everyone else. It is a lot like
      selective disclosure.

      It's not just AmeriTrade. The
      system has gotten out of control. If the little people
      that have pumped so much money into the market lose
      faith, it is going to be a bloodbath.

      That's just
      my opinion.... I could be wrong.

    • full service. It's worth it to me for a few bucks
      to have a person see the trade through. I've been
      terrified of having to rely on net brokers. Being "kicked
      off" or delayed when something is tanking can cost
      more than the full service fee many times over. How is
      this stock? I heard about it on the IDTC board. IDTC
      is the best stock I've ever held. At $30 3/8, it's
      going to pop soon.


      ps: I suspect 8x8 is once again honoring their "quiet
      period" and we may not see news until the report next
      month. The basing around 4.5 seems to be getting
      stronger. I also saw what appeared to be somewhat abnormal
      trading yesterday with large bids not getting filled
      {suggesting investors want to hold on to their shares [like
      me]....wonder if that action was the MMs in preparation for
      next month's report. I remember Paul V saying in the
      press release about exiting the videophone system
      business and embracing the VOIP business that the move was
      done to benefit the shareholders....hmmmmm wonder if
      he announces anything substancial relating to VOIP
      contracts in next month's report.

      As I recall, it
      was Paul V who decided to introduce the VIATV product
      line in an effort to boost the video market awareness
      {when Joe Parkinson left} So now he is betting the
      company on VOIP and I for one cannot fathom justifying
      doing that without knowing that hard orders for that
      business are in house or the deals are forthcoming. my 2
      cents says stay long

    • Ameritrade sucks

      I have on various
      occassions made trades on stocks through Ameirtrade and have
      lost big. The latest one came when a stocks bid and
      ask price were .19 and .25 respectively. They got me
      the stock at the peak price of .45 on 20,000. This
      sent me into margin and the stock tumbled to .04. I
      know it is partially my fault for not placing a limit
      order and also my fault for chasing a stock, but if I
      was buying a ummarginable security how can they give
      me prices that would send my account into margin.
      They keep blaming the market makers. Does anyone have
      this same experience and if so is there anything I can
      do about it.
      They are the worst traders on the
      net and I wish I had never signed with them. The only
      reason I did was because I saw their add on TV.

    • Broadcom (BRCM: news, msgs) Chief Executive
      Officer Henry Nicholas said the company is shifting from
      enterprise local area networking to video, voice and data
      with an aim toward creating a unified LAN. The
      company's objective is to see layer 3 deployed throughout
      workgroups on business LANs, he said at the Hambrecht &
      Quist technology conference in San Francisco on
      Wednesday. Broadcom hopes to offer layer 3 functionality at
      layer 2 costs, Nicholas said. The CEO also said that by
      the end of the year Broadcom will offer a single chip
      on digital cable set-top boxes.
      The company's
      vision is to enable the use of cable as the
      communications conduit of choice through video telephony and
      Internet access.

    • please every one protect yourself when placing
      market orders,always put a stop limit or specify your see what i mean check the range for (scio)for
      today.between 3+ to 107+
      i hope it is a mistake but i
      rechecked with schwabs and it shows the same range.always
      be careful.

    • ..coming this summer...ATT+another
      telecom...Sept. via DSL....w/ ISP's...1Q2000...A/V BIG WAY w/
      ATT, possible w/ other telecom.
      See you gang! in
      the next 2 months.

      Welcomes back Townblack.
      Yes, I remember you and I talking internet
      broadcasting. You gave the link..www.streamexpress or
      something...Domains are in=placed.
      8x8 should generate cash on
      inventory sales.


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