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  • yahoo yahoo May 8, 2005 2:28 AM Flag

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    • too hypster sounding for my blood,
      which is why I fired a salvo at GIC
      a few days ago. Now I'm a believer.
      I've got the holy spirit down in my soul.


    • Please. Check out post #9306. Thats where they
      predicted by earnings. Also check #9350-9351 and you'll get
      an idea of what's going on here. Deeper_inside has
      made no predictions that I'm aware of. This stock
      moves independent of prognosticators and if anything,
      seems to move before or during trade shows. There are
      no Germans in the sky.

    • actually did check the post. #9549 to be exact.
      Dated 5-17. As always, GIC did not specify what would
      drive the price up. It was not a prediction based on
      earnings as earnings had already been released on 5-13.

      I have watched EGHT sit in the 4's for so long now
      that for someone to predict its rise to 6 within 1-2
      days of it happening, that is impressive.
      I don't
      really care if they, he, or she is German.
      They, he,
      or she has predicted 3 spikes rather accurately
      since December 1998.


    • there is obvious credibility given the
      record of GIC and confirmation by
      (assuming they are two people not one)?

      After the CC
      we're looking at same-old same-old
      for possibly the
      next year. Then this week something
      kicks in we
      STILL know not what. But they did.

      impressed. Could be GIC's own money moving the
      stock in
      which case there's no inside anything to
      impressed with. But I'm thinking there's more to


    • Check the post. The GIC predicted 6 by earnings,
      which was wrong. Also predicted 9 previously and was
      wrong, so their is little to be impressed with actually.
      Oh and by the way this guy is no German. Shame Yahoo
      doesn't link ID's together.

    • over my last remark to you.
      I was a bit cranky at the prospect of
      a long dry spell with no EGHT action.


    • I don't mean to give the GIC a big head, however,
      they called one hell of a prediction here and damn
      near hit the nail on the head. Some of you will
      remember that GIC came back in time to tell us that EGHT
      will reach 6 by May 19.
      I'd say that 5 1/2 on May
      20th and already spiking to 6 1/8 on May 21st is
      pretty accurate.
      So what do they know that we don't
      Are they just lucky?
      Also, about the buyout
      Did the buyout rumors start due to the price
      Or, did the price run-up occur due to buyout
      If the latter is true, are the buyout rumors
      I haven't seen any hard evidence. However, it
      doesn't mean that something isn't in the works.
      will tell.
      Longs, keep holding.
      I think we have
      better days ahead...


    • unusual to see that type of honesty on a yahoo
      good luck w/dell...

      on another note: say what
      you want but I'm impressed with GIC!
      They missed
      by two days, but we did see six! Yo 'GIC', I've got
      a couple of other stocks I'd like you to look at!!

    • 1000 or over shares, bought.
      Guess somebody knows that there will be a 'halt' to trading pending news very soon, eh??????????

    • 8X8 friends

      The price is going up in the next few days.



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