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  • yahoo yahoo May 8, 2005 2:29 AM Flag

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    • man name so pore barly kepis famly fed...

      EGHT sitting on hands....GIC revving up AKLM...LPHL on a morning tear...what's a hick to do? Whip out det can o Whoop Ass!

    • A feather in its cap
      ( Shopping Center World


      Continuing its move into the Internet protocol voice market,
      8x8 Inc.
      announced that it would acquire
      France-based Odisei S.A., a private
      developer of IP
      telephony software. The companies originally partnered

      April to develop IP telephony solutions.

      "It was
      a natural evolution, considering the technology we
      collaborated on over the past three months," said Dominique

      formerly of Odisei and now vice president of broadband
      marketing for
      Clara, Calif.-based

      The companies hope the combination of 8x8's
      voice-over-IP gateways
      terminals with Odisei's
      IntraSwitch software will open 8x8's market

      Odisei's IntraSwitch IP-PBX, which is in development, is a
      solution for managing voice-over-IP networks. It runs on a
      server at a telephony service provider's site and
      provides voice and
      services over T-1/E-1,
      digital subscriber line or cable links.

      Symphony voice-over-IP module can be installed at the
      letting customers use inexpensive
      analog telephones while using
      IntraSwitch's features
      such as call forwarding, remote pickup, call

      and voice mail.

      "With the IP-PBX, it was a
      struggle as to how to demonstrate the
      said Chris McNiffe, vice president of marketing for
      8x8. "This gives
      the opportunity to drive
      what happens at the edge of the
      infrastructure, and we can provision a more complete

      In terms of strategy, the combined company wants to
      offer application
      solutions for service providers,
      Pitteloud said. "With our software,
      provision to business over IP

      Copyright 1999 by PRIMEDIA Intertec, a PRIMEDIA Company.
      All Rights

    • Based on your recent postings - WHAT DO YOU KNOW
      FOR SURE?????

      Here are your recent

      8x8, inc to buy Cisco after Cisco buys
      Market_Maker 7518 of 7624
      Broadcom, Corp.

      Intel to
      buy 8x8, inc. for "On Board"
      by: Market_Maker
      42149 of 42526
      risc & dsp video processor. This is
      why the investment in PictureTel Corp., who uses
      8x8's semiconductor technology. Should see $20.00 per
      share Minimum !!

      AT&T, AOL, Merger
      by: Market_Maker 198544 of 206459
      Could Be !!

      Posted: 05/26/1999 11:41 am EDT as a reply to: Msg 198539
      by GovtHelper

    • widerness...a crah of reason...mmhhmmmmmm...ed jess make me wanna crah...buddat nawt hep my 8 gew up...settin n wat'n in dem Piney Woods o Texas.

    • I also dream of winning the lottery from time to time.....

    • market_maker is really a alias for FIDELITY who thinks that 8 makes even the chips at Pringles for chrissake.

    • I went to their site and could not find any
      mention of 8x8:


      The SuperLine
      Integrated Access System (IAS) has been jointly developed by
      AG Communication Systems and Paradyne. Lucent
      Technologies is the primary sales and marketing channel for
      SuperLine and will leverage the company�s existing sales
      resources and customer relationships to distribute the
      product in the service provider marketplace. AG
      Communication Systems will focus on sales of SuperLine to
      certain ILECs and ITOCs where it has existing

      The SuperLine Integrated Access System consists of
      two major elements. The SuperLine Integrated Access
      Platform (IAP), located in the central office or digital
      loop carrier environment, has been designed and
      manufactured by AG Communication Systems. Paradyne has
      designed and manufactured the SuperLine Integrated Access
      Device (IAD) that is located on the customer�s premises
      and interoperates with the SuperLine IAP.

    • The_Stock_That_Shagged_Me The_Stock_That_Shagged_Me Jun 3, 1999 10:33 AM Flag

      Someone pump this bitch!

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