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  • sellfool sellfool Nov 5, 2010 9:13 AM Flag

    Let's TALK ! BUY OUT!!!!!

    What is the dollar figure that would cause the BOD/Management to agree to accept the offer?

    The low figures of $5-$7 spouted here would not excite them enough to give up their well run profitable business when generic growth would give them an equal stock value in a year or so. In the same time period that the exsisting business and stock value is growing as it is now. The additional revenues from the CLOUD division will start to ramp up and offer a gauge of just what type of future revenues can be expected.

    Let us not forget the 76 patents held by 8X8. These patents have a seperate value over and above the business operation. Granted their value is exactly what a buyer is willing to pay. But, it isn't like that buyer can go to someone else to buy them. And what about the Stonyfish investment?

    In my opinion it will take a mid double digit figure north of $35 to gain control of the company.

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    • what kind of multiple do people think EGHT goes for?

    • your right!i was to dumb and should have and could have waited and hold until $10 or it's your turn to hold the shares.that was 12 years ago when this indusrty was new and the hiring was done in america using u.s.citzens.the industry is more mature and is out sourcing employment or is hiring using the h-1 visa scheme.

    • some here are up over 200% buying fundamentals. you got lucky with some hype way back when, and were to dumb to hold out for $10

    • peter lynch was right.he onced said that investors have a lottery mentality when it comes to buying these low priced stocks.

    • I am gonna simply ignore that clown. He is like a realitycheck idiot with a brain that is wired backwards IMHO.

    • this company's stock was a $3-$4 peice of over hyped garbage 12 years ago this time.then it moved up a few dollars a share in late december and then started to move into the $20's then peaked out to about $35 a share in late january-to mid febuary in 2000.there was to much irrational EXUBURANCE,as the former U.S treasurer ALAN GREENSPAN used to say.then came the BIG BURST of the BIG tech BALLOOOOOOOOOOOON!in early march of 2000.remeber that?8x8 came crashing down to mother earth!don't get your hopes up at all about this peice of nasdq garbage going to $35 dollars again,espescily whith this MARXCIST bum and anti free market communistic friends in congress.if a buy out takes place,president OBAMA and his comrades(zars)will do the buying out!!.that means you and the other shareholders will be holding worhtless stock and your fellow shareholders will not get any money from this marxcist obama.remember what he did to G.M?an eldrely couple that had $750,000 of their hard earned money in G.M.corperate bonds had to settle for pennies on the $.they probably got nothing.

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      • Boy! you've had the republican cool-aid.
        If it wasn't for Obama, GM would be no more, neither would Chrysler.
        The poor folks who lost their money are the same people who just like us, bought stock and guessed wrong. The stock market is an capitalist institution and has nothing to do with socialism or communism.
        Are you related to the guy who shouted " keep your socialist hands off my medicare"?

    • Voice lines are a dying breed. VOIP is going to replace teh voice lines as data networks become the norm. Imagine the possibilities when you can subscribe to a data only plan with your iPodTouch (as with the iPad today) and be able to make calls to any body using VOIP only, without having to pay for voice that carriers require today. Immagine the possibilities this opens up... Apple or any of the Android handset manufactures could consider packet8 to bring this to frution.

    • 35 dollars may be possible. Take a look at ACME packet (APKT). Shares outstanding are more at 65 million. Revenues are twice EGHT at 130 million. So how does APKT rate a 41 dollar price tag. Stock has gone from 9 to 41 this year. Either APKT is way over valued or EGHT is way under valued.

    • An ideal price $12-$14, relistic price $8-$10. 8x8 do have intellectual patents. IMHO, That's worth than the business op. $200 mil cap at the moment. Google or Apple can snatch it up at 3x cap with ease. It's wishful thinking to see $30+. A deal under a billion is do able with ease!!!

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      • Eght's greatest value in my opinion is that they have developed the system in house and built it up. For a large company, this makes it most attractive. Having to always get out the lawyers to add a function (as would be with a company like VG) is time consuming and more difficult to quality test.

        This has been eght's greatest liability in the past few years but seems to have now become an asset.

    • There are many many different scenerios that may come into play when buying or selling a business. To assume that a standard of some muliple of earnings is the be all guide is false.

      I personally would like to see the company continue to grow under the current management. One thing for certain a $5 or $7 offer is a joke that could not be taken seriously.

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