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  • damcdamc damcdamc Mar 22, 2013 8:59 AM Flag

    This is great news

    There could be a short term drop in stock, but 250mm means there is someone big that has a lot of confidence in this company and the future. This isn't some little $10-20 million bandaid. Long term holders will be rewarded! GO EGHT!!!

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    • Eght is laying a foundation for future development and future operating capital. In any business as you grow-- you better have you finances lined up ahead of time and not wait until you need capital after the fact.
      This is simply, business basics. You don't think Donald Trump plans a high rise in New York without having finances lined up ahead of time. Something big is envisioned by 8X8 management for the future of EGHT. Looks to me like, 8X8 is thinking Global development!!! GLTA

    • wag: i fund you; you give me discounted services for bulk/volume. hmm. you make money, but just a little less. a msft cptn or berkshire? cosentry the vehicle? the prestige /publicity is additional value; the good house keeping seal? hey, it's how i'd do it, but they didn't ask me.

      ot: ipv6......does it facilitate deep packet inspection? ya think?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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