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  • patroutman patroutman Oct 16, 2013 1:48 PM Flag

    Anyone buying VG? I think they are a buy now that they have Volcalocity

    Just wondering what others are thinking. Volcalocity was a top notch VOIP Provider for Businesses. I honestly think they have it together a lot better than 8x8 in terms of customer service.
    By the way, I am not saying that one wins over another. It is my opinion that everyone in this space wins (assuming they make money). I think there will be some strong synergy between VG and Volcalocity that will help both sides of the house mutually. My only concern would be that they re brand Vocalocity as 'Vonage Business' or the likes, which may actually hurt their credibility.

    8x8 has had a strong run. I just wonder if their earnings are going to meet expectations of the street?

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    • FWIW, Vonage had to buy Vocalocity. Their future will be determined by the business side, not the residential side of internet telephony. Their residential revenues have not been growing; in contrast the revenues of Vocalocity seem to be exploding, judging from the numbers given. Moreover, Vonage seems to have bought Vocalocity for a reasonable price. It is almost too reasonable, considering the multiples of 8x8 and Ringcentral. I strongly suspect 8x8 was in on the bidding, or, at least, invited to bid, but decided to forgo the opportunity, for whatever reason(s). One wonders why it will take as long as 2015 before the favorable impact of Ringcentral upon Vonage's revenues and earnings will be apparent. Furthermore, it would not be surprising if Vonage were to announce the acquisition of an another VOIP company focussed on the business side.

      As for 8x8's September quarterly numbers, the recent sale of their managed hosting unit should bring their revenues up to $34.3 million and earnings in excess of $5.5 milllion. I will leave you to make the judgement whether those numbers will meet the current expectations of the Street.

    • So have you completed an analysis on the services offered. have you spoken to 8X8 customers vs. vocalocity customers. Or are you just farting in the wind like most board posters. Your absolutely stupid.

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      • pmk - Thanks for your deep thoughts on the matter. I am glad you took time out of your day to post that. I am an 8x8 customer and I sell their solutions. I reviewed several of the VOIP Companies when evaluating which one to partner with. What do you know about VOIP? I would love to learn from what you have to say.
        Everyone has different experiences. 8x8 is NOT very good at dealing with larger busineses (even 35 plus phones) where they have anything complicated inloved. To counter what I just said, they have the technology and the bright people, it is just hard to get to them when you need them and the lower level support folks sound like they have been hitting the bong a lot. Which is cool execpt when you are sitting in NYC with a bunch of stiff cut-throat business people. They need some east coast presence.
        Also just go out and read the reviews of 8x8 vs. the rest of them. You are going to find that 8x8 does not look so hot in reviews compared to the others. Vocalocity usually shines. I know becaues my customers point it out to me when I am trying to place a system...

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