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  • sellfool sellfool Oct 23, 2013 10:49 PM Flag

    I told you SO !

    Who actually believes these new guys are going to be anything besides be a HUGE drain on company profits?
    Glad I sold my shares.... Should see the $7's by year end.

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    • If you sold your shares, what are you still doing here on this board? Shouldn't you be whining and badgering other investors on another board where you dumped you money?
      Bye, bye...................

    • Of course the everyday pumpers jump on me. These new guys where never needed to expand Globally. All they will do is collect a huge salary with bonuses (stock options). Partnering with established companies in these new countries would by far be a more productive and much less costly strategy going forward. A fair percentage of the pie is much more desirable than thinking this new management can go up to the mountain and bring down yet another set of tablets to direct the company that reinvents the B2B market in these foreign countries.

    • sellfool is a paid basher. $0.10 per post and $0.05 per response. Everyone ignore this fool.

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    • why are the new guys going to be a drain on the company profits? i don't think you are correct. There might be a new CEO but he was a board member for a longtime. Plus, he just made a good move by letting Kim Neiderman go. There extra cash already. I think you are overstating that position.

      However, they said on the call that they would spend more on R&D and less on Sales and marketing for the next few quarters. That is a good move as sales and marketing have been solid and need less at this time.

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