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  • silzard silzard Sep 2, 1998 2:03 PM Flag

    someone knows something

    Stock up big time (% wise, at least), on fairly
    low volume. Somebody knows something about the
    earnings. Bet they smash expectations, get a 1-2 point pop,
    and settle back down in the 2's. Just my thoughts.

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    • I think the rise in price yesterday was in
      response to EGHT just comming out with the RMS-1500. they
      just rolled off the line last wednsday. their fist
      chance to show it off was at a big security convention
      in new york, which ran from tuesday thru thursday.
      I'll bet a few dealers went home after tuesday's show,
      looked at the company, saw the price of the stock, and
      jumped on it! I also here that they won EVERY catagory
      that they were in HANDS DOWN. I would suspect that
      EGHT will be comming out with a very good press
      release as early as friday. IMO the commercial version
      (RMS-1500) will outsell the residential stuff for the next
      two to three years, untill the market is saturated! I
      know i can sell a thousand of them in the baltimore
      area alone!

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      • I looked at the upcoming trade shows that 8x8
        will be doing. I also believe the recent upswing was
        related to the latest show in New York. For those
        interested in seeing the upcoming shows, just check the home
        page {} and see. Looks like some biggies
        are coming up soon.
        ps: too bad the stock price is
        retreating back down to the low 2s

        {unless you want
        to buy some at what I believe to be bargain prices}

    • Nice and firm...Go baby!

    • Went to the Best Buy, close to my house and they were sold out.
      Is this VIA TV PHONE THAT HOT???

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      • We all agree that marketing leaves a lot to be
        desired. I spoke with Mr. Voois about this and they are
        doing what they can on a limited budget. Remember, they
        have to try to be as creative as they can to promote
        the products. This means NO tv adds because they cost
        too much. I would rather spare the cash for further
        developement anyway. If they have to go back to the market to
        get more cash this will further dilute our

        They do have a roving demo show that is supposedly
        making the rounds on the west coast. I have suggested a
        Kiosk type demo platform but this was not acceptable
        for some reason. It probably conflicted with the road
        show. Remember, there are about 10,000 retail outlets
        and in order to have a demo in each location would
        cost @ $10mm.....the road show may very well be the
        best way to promote the products, along with the
        airline (captive audience) and selective printed

        Does anyone have a legitimate concept with cost
        analysis for a promotional campaign? Good luck on your
        future trades...go 8!

    • Couldn't agree with you more! Look at that % gain! Something is up - this thing's going through the roof. See you all at the top.

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