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  • justcheckingagain justcheckingagain Nov 27, 1998 5:53 PM Flag

    Bad news? or Good news? Dancarmo, you mu

    PLCM overtook Picturetel leadership in high end
    videoconferencing according to co. news. They supply Sprint,
    Bellsouth, MCI-Worldcom etc...

    Now, here's my
    thought; This T-companies are spending top$$ for group
    videoconferencing. What happened after this purchases? Don't they
    need and audience to see them. I'm talking about us,
    customers and telephone subscribers! My logic here as a
    speculative investor otherwise, is that they might as well
    adapt the idea to put VIATV products( w/out any doubts
    the low end leader) into their subscribers monthly
    statements payable in 3, 6 months or cash. Perhaps
    VISA/MASTERCARDS and others can be collaborated by either
    companies for rapid positoning of their products. This is a
    good opportunity by 8x8 marketing/Ad team to approach
    these companies to help market mutual availablity of
    their products to the mass. I mean these T-companies
    must have anticipated that after a gradual acceptance
    of VC products in both business and household
    customers, this concept of communication will

    I hope EGHT will pay all of us long. Just like


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    • Did somebody say $12 by close ...

    • ... and will be for a while!! This is just the
      begining for this stock, and it is about time!! Sure phone
      lines are restricted, but EGHT currently HAS the
      ability to provide all aspects of HIGH QUALITY video, and
      with the latest releases appearing to confirm a
      wideband connection the technology will allow for this
      company to provide a complete range of products, from
      chips to vid-phones. EGHT now has set the standard and
      will have it's chips in products from literally
      hundreds of OEM's!!
      Keep in mind that while the
      phones have a higher profit per item the chips have the
      better profit margin, and with the way this is looking
      EGHT will be the leading supplier of these chips for
      the next few years, if that happens then this is just
      the first 'baby step' in a proces that will take us
      to a billion market cap in the next few years!!

      On a personal note... I wonder what those guys that
      blasted me for getting in a $3 a couple months back while
      they were selling out are thinking


      ...and PROSPERITY!!


    • Thank you for your latest post. I asked you the
      questions only after seeing your first post and posted it.
      I found out your second post when I went back to
      the board.Thank you for making me technologically
      understanding this stock better.

    • Check out the stochastics on EGHT at and you'll see that today's action may just be the begining of a meteoric rise. A new communications revolution may be brewing. ;)

    • at around 11:45 AM bringing the price UP! Let's hope this action is the beginning of more to come and is the result of encouraging bright prospects for 8x8 stemming from the cable show in Calif.

    • revenues, but there was no mention of 8x8 role so we won't see any action from it, at least for now.

    • Competitors and patrons are building 8x8 bridges.

    • Butthead wrote:
      "Here's another thought. I can
      imagine cable/phone companies charging by the megabyte at
      some point, or somehow coupling the cost of a phone
      call to the amount of data sent/bandwidth used. This
      would also work against my original doomsday thesis of
      "who needs compression"."

      Sprint already
      announced they would be doing this within a
      couple of
      years. Bandwidth is not free.

    • To: Andrew G. (505 )
      From: EyeDrMike Tuesday,
      Dec 1 1998 8:37AM ET
      Reply # of 506

      VideoServer and 8x8 Demonstrate The Future Of Networked
      Conferencing In The Cable-Connected Living Room/Home Office
      Exhibit At Cablenet '98

      PR Newswire, Tuesday,
      December 01, 1998 at 08:18

      Companies Deliver
      Telephone Calls, Video-Conferencing and Other
      Packet Voice and Video Services Over Two-way Cable

      ANAHEIM, Calif., CABLENET '98, Dec. 1 /PRNewswire/ --
      VideoServer, Inc.
      (NASDAQ:VSVR), the global leader in
      networked conferencing, and 8x8, Inc.
      (NASDAQ:EGHT), a
      leading supplier of video conferencing technology
      systems, today announced that they will demonstrate
      multipoint, networked
      conferencing capabilities using
      their multipoint and terminal products as part
      CableNet's Cable Connection exhibit. The exhibit will
      illustrate what is
      achievable via conferencing for living
      rooms and small office/home office
      (SOHO) system

    • I'm not trying to "tell" anybody anything. I'm
      just asking. You seem to be answering that 8x8's
      technological edge evaporates when the bandwidth revolution
      gets here. That's my worst-case scenario, it's what
      generated my first post. But does it really evaporate? Does
      data compression become unimportant with increased
      bandwidth? Did you read my second post, which takes the
      opposite view of the first? I think a good case can be
      made that increased bandwidth doesn't doesn't change
      the compression issue at all, doesn't hurt 8x8 at
      all; on the contrary, that may be what it takes for
      this company to take off.

      But if that's the
      case, then here's the next worry. Yes, 8x8 is the first
      to the gate, but the gate to universal acceptance
      (i.e., bandwidth) is currently locked. How long before
      Lucent or Intel or Broadcom catch up technologically?
      Will the gate open before this happens? And if so, can
      EGHT lock it behind themselves (read how protected is
      their technology)? Or will the delay in the bandwidth
      revolution be an equalizing force? Will LU and INTC and
      others be lined up at the gate with us?

      I gotta
      worry about something, these are my current


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