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  • xyz10000 xyz10000 Dec 2, 1998 1:43 PM Flag

    I was stuck this sucker for a long time,

    freed my ass from it. Made good bucks !

    This sucker has nowhere to go, it will come down to 3 within a month !

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    • Cable companies will be offering telephone on its
      coaxial...It is common in London...Comcast UK had more phone
      customers than TV..They were bought out last month....With
      the new competition for cable TV now by Ma Bell vs
      Time Warner someone has to come out as the winner with
      the coaxial phone system....exactly which co. no one
      knows....CMTO in europe is using ETEL technology in the cable
      box itself 8 x 8 is using a seperate box Csco has
      also been working in this area.....It seems that in
      the long run everyone is behind MaBell given they are
      currently the leaders and selling digital cable
      TV...Opinion buy Bell South...Good luck 8 x 8 tomorrow...Sell
      at market in AM and buy back at close...Usually

    • The announcement is just more
      icing. There was a comment from one of the new posters
      referring to the poor job of having 4 news releases in one
      day... well I think we are in 9 or 10 stories now, the
      poster suggested that they should have posted 1 a day
      for a week or so... well something tells me that we
      will be seeing a story or two a day for the next week
      or two... perhaps not EVERY day but most.
      the news keeps going the way it is - then this stock
      WILL be at $20.oo and real quick!!

      more PROSPERITY!!


    • Day trading is fun but I think this ones a hold.
      EGHT develops a system that is part of the cable
      system we all use but with a phone capability. This will
      allow you to be on the web and carry on local phone
      calls at the same time. No second line needed. On top
      of it all cable is many time faster than a 56 modem.
      Now you can watch CNBC in the upper corner of your
      monitor instead of twisting you neck around every five
      minutes. You can also enjoy video conferencing (same as
      talking and watching) your buddies as you all day trade
      right on your monitor. This technology has been around
      just needs a place to roost. The cable operators need
      to purchase some equipment and soon we all will be
      running to Best Buy to upgrade our systems. I hope the
      stock runs like mad because I think this is great
      technology that many of us will be using within the year and
      will become either a standard part of new computers or
      an option from DELL, CPQ, or Gateway.
      The sooner
      you hold a part of the stock you trade the better off
      you will be. This stock is great for day traders
      running the wave up and long term investors.

    • Looks like Broadcom can be added to the list of
      companies that will use 8x8 technology. This proves that in
      fact 8x8 is the leader of the pack and will go a long
      way towards making us longs happy.

      Go 8x8

    • Oh man, just saw this and was about to post it
      myself. At first I thought they were competing, then saw
      8x8 mentioned and almost filled my pants. There is a
      communications revolution brewing, history is in the making, and
      8x8 is at the center of it. By sheer luck, so are

      Holy shit.

    • currently 6 5/8..pray for a stock mention, and he uses the word internet.buyers coming in right now in hopes of it..rick

    • professional day and or week trader here, looking
      to make a tidy sum on very very long at
      7..down right now, but hoping for a afternoon run,and a
      possible kernan or cnbc spotlight could run this one to 12

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