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  • leadballoon1 leadballoon1 Jan 28, 1999 1:20 AM Flag

    I am perplexed to say the least.

    Please, Fidelity(or another Reg), explain to me
    how beating the consensus estimate and the whisper #
    could possibly be considered bad. I did not find any
    indication prior to the release that anyone(meaning
    analysts, the street, etc.) thought 8x8 would manage -.21.
    The only people who thought that might happen were
    probably on this board.(Yes, I stated that a .01-.02
    positive suprise was possible.) I would imagine that even
    in the absence of other news releases 8x8 should
    trade up tomorrow if the market is up. Of cours,
    another release couldn't hurt our cause. If there is a
    drop, that just means those May $5 calls will be a
    little more of a steal.


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    • Ah come least post an English
      translation so the illiterate on the board (that's me) can
      follow along.

      Translation program

      and the Argentineans arrive me at the egg. Fag like
      single them

      I can't even make sense out of the
      above unless it says I'm suppose to cook my eggs one at
      a time in San Francisco, Argentinean style.

    • Instead of mixing it up with them like a dog,
      play with them like a cat. It's much more

      I like to tease them about what poor insulters they
      are ala Cireno DeBerzerac (sp). Chastising them for
      their inablility to insult. "Is this the best you can
      do, Oohh, I'm so impressed", works them up, makes
      them try harder. The best one is to put a really,
      really tiny insult out there for them to bite on, they
      jump all over your comment like it was the only piece
      of cheese on the "QE II" and then tell them what an
      easy troll they are. The wind goes right out of their
      sails. Even when they know what you're up to they can't
      touch you and they then go after easier more insecure

      Having fun like a cat has fun with a mouse before the

      Thanks for the Spanish lessons. Sounds delightfully
      colorful to me. English colloquialisms lack the color of
      Spanish idioms. "Ah, go F$$$ yourself" more straight
      forward but it just doesn't have the same color as ah you
      "Son of a Whore" does. I like plain "Country Talk"
      much more than I care to listen to phony "Uptown
      Boston Speak"

      Looking forward to finding the
      next mouse:O)

    • y los Argentinos me llegan al huevo. Maricones como ellos solos.

    • Tengo huevos, pendejo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y no soy
      terd, soy argentino!!!!!!!!!!!! A la mierda con

      My apologies to the board, but this guy bugs me.
      He's not a dumb ass, just stupid. ES LA VERDAD,

    • "Words alone cant express the regret I have in
      buying this piece of over hyped dog shit!!!! A loss of
      .21 cents verses ***estimate of .01 cents.*** Does
      this company even have a clue. A loss of .21 in a
      quarter that includes holiday sales. If it were tax time
      I would cut this thing out of my portfolio in a
      second !"

      Your words. The more you post, the more
      you reveal of your inherent stupidity. Why don't you
      quit while you're behind?

      I await your witty

      Your friend,


    • If you're terd then have the huevos to post under
      your own ID. If not then I can't imagine why anyone
      would take an insult meant for someone else and take it
      personal, a dead giveaway of how think of yourself.
      Recontraputa que te pario a ti concha de tu madre, quijuna
      gran puta.

      Bee Man, let me help you with your
      Hijo de puta= Son of a whore
      La puta que te pario=
      The whore that gave birth to you.
      You get the
      drift, not a pleasant exchange. Particularly with
      estrangers you'll never meet, but some of this jokers just
      get the best of me sometimes. They like to insult
      someone for no apparent reason or provocation and
      although most of the time I avoid useless exchanges of
      insults, I can mix it up with the best of them if need be.

    • WOW, so much gloom and doom on this board. In two
      days this board went from overhyped to bummersville.
      Think about it, if this stock doesnt get any news soon,
      it might totally tank. The last earnings report
      proved that it cant hold its price on fundementals.

    • I've looked through the messages and you are the dumb ass of the day.

    • I put the quote in a translation program and this
      is what it came up with but I don't think that is
      what you were trying to say.

      Hijo de puta! !La
      puta que te pario!

      Son of puta! puta that pario

      Oh well:-)

    • Ah...come on guys, English please. Ya got somebody here that doesn't speak Spanish and if your going to insult some puta I want to at least be able to enjoy the insult:-)

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