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  • townblack townblack Mar 9, 1999 3:46 AM Flag

    Hurry! Hurry! Big news!

    Thursday, February, Year: 2001, 18, 8:04 am
    Eastern Time
    Company Press Release

    Calif.--(JUST JOKING AGAIN COM NEWS)--Feb. 18, 2001-- AxA
    (Nasdaq:AAAA - news) -- a leading supplier of multimedia
    communication technology and systems -- today introduced the
    Former President Bill CLEANTON as the company's newly
    appointed honourable president. Mr.Cleanton will
    responsible for marketing AxA's products particularly for
    WeirdTV Phone. He said he will use his S pecial power to
    PROLIFERATE WeirdTV Phone in every family.

    company's president Mr. P.Visionary said He wellcomes
    Mr.Cleanton's joining the AxA team and belives Mr. Cleanton
    will push WeirdTV phone to the government

    Mr.Cleanton demonstrated a variety use of WeirdTV phone. It
    was very impressive. He called a lot centers. AxA's
    website was jammed, contracts were flushing in. The news
    were broacasted on all TV networks

    The Wall
    Street market respons strongly. AxA share price jump
    from $3 13/16 to to $300.

    Oh, sory, Monica too
    also joining the team.

    Most of the share
    holders become millionares overnight.

    Sorry, just
    joking again. But, do you guys think that 8 really
    should consider creating media sensation?

    logic is: media sensation--more publicity--more
    sale--more revenue--higher stock price. Don't you want to
    see your stock going up? So please creat media

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    • I do not invest just to get my money back after
      much suffering, I want profits. Only time I would get
      out even is if the outlook for the company has
      changed dramatically and I'm lucky enough to get my money
      back. From everything I've read (much of it thanks to
      guys like fidelity, justcheckingin and other) the
      market where eight is playing IS the next BIG WAVE in
      communication technology and eight stands a good chance of
      being a big part of it, alone or as part of a bigger
      company. May take sometime still but you do not get 10
      baggers overnight, I would hate to see eight at 80 3
      years from now and know I excited at 5.

    • yes it would be nice to see it climb once in
      awhile. Man, it has dropped everyday since i bought it.
      Very small increases. I would snap if it climbed back
      to my buying price. If it does, should i cut it
      loose? We are talking about 500 shares here. Your input
      would be welcomed.Later

    • this would seem like a good opportunity to double
      up and average down. In the process you can help
      sustain the price from further erosion. I must admit it
      would be a lot more fun to have a up day now and again
      to let us know we are basing and bottom has been
      reached. Oh well, it's only time and opportunity cost I'm

    • Ive owned this "stock" for about 1 1/2 years and
      have seen it do
      its up and down cycle, I have bot
      in 4 times and have averaged
      down to around 5$. I
      have another buy in at 3 1/2 if it happens
      to get
      that low. If you truly believe in this company you
      have to
      do this, otherwise take your loss and chalk
      it up to experience.

    • i bought this at 9.5. Why am i losing my butt now. 3 13/32

    • thanks for your comments...i believe you are
      understanding the situation correctly...with earnings and
      sustained growth, does'nt have to be rapid...and a few nice
      acknowledgements and contracts...8x8 should do well...'tis early,
      i know. the company does have good engineering and
      right now that is supremely important. marketing?

    • This young company {IPO in 97} still has not
      demonstrated the ability to deliver earnings that would
      warrant an analyst upgrade or possibly GETTING analyst
      coverage. They have a history of losses {as most start-ups
      have}. This is why I believe 8x8's stock price is not in
      sync with the market...and why the price eventually
      goes south after a press release that drives it up.
      Those infamous press releases in December drove the
      price to 14 only to now see it drift back down to the 3
      area. Their technology appears to lead the growing
      market and when they can deliver SUSTAINED good earnings
      with GROWING revenues, then I think the price will not
      get clobbered as we are seeing now. I think most
      investors {including me} are EARLY with this stock, but one
      can never know when a press release landing a large
      Audacity contract will send the price upwards. Down the
      road, the earnings numbers should reflect the business
      operations, and that is when the biggie investors will join
      us. And I want to own the stock before that happens
      so I am holding. Patience is very hard to practice
      especially in today's fast paced world, but from my
      viewpoint this fast changing world will want 8x8's

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