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  • Crazed_X_Eight Crazed_X_Eight Jun 9, 1999 2:20 PM Flag

    Somebody give that boy some

    real meat! I hate spam....even if it did win WWII...

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    • Files $20 Million Lawsuit Against
      Internet Posters
      WIRE)--June 14, 1999--, Inc.
      (OTC BB:HITT
      - news) today announced that it has filed a
      Complaint against one identified and five
      Internet posters for Libel, Tortious Interference With
      Business Relations and Civil
      Conspiracy in the United
      States District Court for the Middle District of
      Florida. The Complaint, entitled, Inc.
      v. Janice Shell, et al., Case No. 99-1387-CIV-T-26C,
      seeks damages in excess
      of Twenty Million Dollars

      The Complaint names Janice Shell, John
      Doe No. 1 a/k/a ``Paul Kersey,'' John Doe No. 2
      ``Mayor,'' John Doe No. 3 a/k/a ``Mr. Pink,''
      John Doe No. 4 a/k/a ``mshater,'' and John Doe
      5-100 as Defendants (collectively the
      ``Defendants''). The Complaint alleges that, beginning at least
      early as May 1999 and continuing through to the
      present, the Defendants intentionally and maliciously

      published and republished a variety of false and defamatory
      statements about in a
      ``cybersmear'' campaign on electronic bulletin boards on the
      Internet maintained by Raging
      Bull, Inc. (``Raging
      Bull'') and Silicon Investor, Inc. (``Silicon
      Investor''). These statements either
      explicitly state or
      imply that Hitsgalore has engaged in illegitimate,
      illegal, dishonest, fraudulent, and
      criminal business
      operations, when, in truth and fact, the Defendants knew or
      should have known that
      such statements were false
      and libelous per se.

      Steve Bradford, the CEO
      of, believes that it is absolutely
      essential that all responsible
      parties be held fully
      accountable for their activities, and this action is the
      first formal step for in taking the
      offensive against those seeking to destroy the reputation,
      damage the
      market value of the Company's common
      stock and undermine the business affairs of the
      through anonymous posting activity. Steve
      Bradford stated that: ``the Company intends to issue

      subpoenas to Raging Bull and Silicon Investor to ascertain
      the identities of the John Doe Defendants,
      and to
      aggressively undertake discovery in this case.'' The Company's
      attorneys are also investigating
      possible defamation
      charges against David Evans, a Bloomberg reporter, for
      certain negative news
      articles which the Company
      believes are misleading in nature.

      Wilcher, the Trustee of The Life Foundation Trust with
      whom the Company has various
      business relations,
      stated that: ``I applaud, commend, and fully support the
      efforts of in
      bringing the anonymous
      Internet posters to justice.''

      The Company would
      also like to gratefully acknowledge the substantial
      assistance it has received from
      various persons
      throughout the country in investigating the Internet
      activity by the Defendants and others,
      and welcomes
      further contact from individuals with knowledge of this
      cybersmear campaign.

      If you have any information
      which you believe would be helpful to the Company in
      prosecuting this
      matter, please contact Carl F. Schoeppl,
      Esq., or Daniel J. Becka, Esq., at Schoeppl & Burke,
      the Company's litigation counsel, 4800 North
      Federal Highway, Suite 210-A, Boca Raton, Florida

      33431-5176, Telephone: (561) 394-8301, Facsimile: (561)
      393-6541, and E-Mail:

      client apologies to everyone else on the board for
      wasting their time.


    • and anyone else interested in debating the finer
      points of message boards and SEC regs press on the
      little smiley face next to my name and download the
      Yahoo chat software and take the conversation

      I prefer news links, rumors, and speculative
      inuendo to legal briefings and "I told you so" yada yada
      yada's...I want legitimate entertainment, as well as news
      and rumor. You provide none of that and are too
      preoccupied with proving you are not wrong and that you have
      command of relative cognizant faculties. Goody for
      you...get funny, or get a rumor...or Whoopass Man will give
      you another public lumpings.

    • own chip, which I seem to remember, is used by CFON in their vidphone? 8x8 is not the only one with a VC chip.


      although most activity is RETAIL {individuals like us} it
      is good to see professional money coming into the

      {anybody else notice the volume and price spike around 1}

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