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  • cedric2all cedric2all May 3, 2010 12:43 PM Flag

    The ASCO Delusion

    So many posters here are hyping ASCO so frantically that it couldn't possibly live up to the hype.


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    • On May 3rd, SNSS closed at .98 and you promised everyone, "simply put we will make the move up starting today."

    • ASCO Monday that has been my stance. and yours has been the opposite. any one that bought in 3 months back will be in a position to make money next week. you are just a retard who thinks he understands the movements of a stock based on his limited understanding of charts. this is a bio stock stupid. News and fear the only catalysts. And like I have said before stop trying to save the world and save yourself although i think it is to late 62 and ignorant is a tough one. Monday bonehead hahahahaha..

    • josi,

      I think you're assuming that people on this board are as stupid as you are.

      But, that would be impossible.

      On May 3rd, SNSS closed at .98 and you promised everyone, "simply put we will make the move up starting today."

      Thus, all those who foolishly acted upon what time has proven to be your devious jibberish, will see the first 23% of any subsequent "ASCO Rally" wasted as they will have then just gotten back to even.

      You caused a lot of people a lot of harm for your own selfish interests.

      I galantly tried to warn and help my fellow investors.

      You are a loathesome creature.

    • ASCO hasn't happened yet nothing has played out and won't until Monday at which point you will be written out of the script. then where will you go, in the prison of your own demented mind i would imagine. you are quite stupid the conference is not here yet. I will expose your ignorance to the fullest apon the release. it will be my pleasure.

    • josi,

      Thank you for bumping my topic which I first posted on MAY 3rd!

      Yes, WAY BACK then I was a lone but courageous voice warning everyone of the ASCO Delusioin (my wonderfully apt title).

      Things have played out precisely as I knew they would.

      Conversely, here's what YOU wrote on May 3rd:

      "I do not expect to go down or linger here for very long."


      "simply put we will make the move up starting today"

      You couldn't have been more wrong, nor I more right.

    • I tried to warn everyone.

      Ya just can't sit there and publicly announce (for all the bad guys to see) that you're gonna stay in through ASCO "no matter what" 'cause the 200%-300% run-up is a "sure thing" and not expect to get your heads sawed off.

    • paid pumpers,,,death spiral funding is next....all these companies are just pump and dumps.....happens every few years.

      meantime the big drug co's will have pressure on them to buyout organic/herbal companies that insurance (does/will) cover to cut costs.

      millions of people all over the planet dont have health problems because they never got addict to all of these failed 'industry cures'

    • josipeurkovic May 4, 2010 2:12 PM Flag

      do your homework before you make comments. the currency has been bouncing on either side of par bonehead. the name suits you. I told you you should have changed corners once in awhile. no friends, must be tough.

    • ASCO is the "mother" of all bioconferences in terms of prestige, participation of experts, media, the trade, and investment community.
      ALL eyes & ears will be focused on the tiny nuggets of gold mined from the presentations and participants.

      The oral presentationa are generally reserved and granted to to big pharma players and a small handful of tiny biotechs with groundbreaking research or compounds.

      The fact that SNSS has been selected for oral presentation is very positive based on peliminary results of veloroxin and its use in ovarian cancers over hundreds of other possibilities.

      It is a pretty good bet that SNSS could really "knock it out of the park" with this opportunity. Stay tuned.

    • The ASCO opportunity over the next 4 to 5 weeks is just good business sense and udnerstanding the dynamics of the market. You can write it off as hype, but the reality is that teh stock hed last week above the 50 day moving average in the face of a $20MM potetial stock offering announcement and bumped up to $.98 today on nothing other than investors wanting a piece of teh stock leading up to ASCO. I may or may not stay in through year end for phase 3 results, but the likelihood that SNSS will get a sizeable run-up in advance of ASCO is a pretty safe bet. This will be a very profitale 5 weeks for SNSS owners who are in under $1.00.

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