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  • stockchair77 Sep 11, 2012 8:20 PM Flag

    Appology at end of web call??

    Did anyone else pick-up on the appology at the end of the web call for "confusion of the information last night"? What's Up with that! May not have been the exact words but Swisher was appologising to someone. Sounds like someone was getting info ahead of the general investment public???

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    • stockchair77 Sep 11, 2012 9:05 PM Flag

      I went back and listened to the call......."clear up any mis-information from yesterday" sounded like an appology............and wondering what it was in reference to and who it was directed at. If info was out and mis-understood.......could have affected the complete action of today's movement related to the announcement (IMO could have been much stronger move up if data secure)

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      • I heard the same thing and thought the same thing. I have been very pleased with management in the progression of the Valor trial but I was very disappointed on how this was all handled. From what I can conclude, they discussed the findings with key clinicians who are also under a confidentiality agreement but apparently the DSMB findings were not clear. I don't know how it went from these individuals to the institutional investors but it is blatantly against the law what happened yesterday. Short interest was only about 20% so these were holders selling.
        I strongly feel that they could discuss the DSMB's findings after the markets and post markets closed.
        I agree with your assessment. Basically with this extremely pivotal point in the trial we went from 3.40 on Monday to about 3.50 today. The pyschology of trading certainly affected todays action and I think we would be sitting between 3.80-4.00 if it wasn't for the fiasco that took place yesterday afternoon. Thanks for posting this as I think it has validity.

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