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  • msq13113 msq13113 Jun 7, 2013 7:28 PM Flag

    Disappointing week.

    Predictable loss of strength took hold this week (sell in may and stay away) unfortunately I bought in to soon and missed the sub-five opportunity. Not sure where we go from here I suppose we retest the lows.

    It was interesting to read the trading strategy posted this week with selling early in the day. Has anyone found it difficult to fill a 3k or more limit order and capture an early high?

    I will say it, spam appears to be back as haukl. Haukl if you are ligitimate share your blockbuster info here otherwise Yahoo should scrub you away.

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    • i posted the trading strategy idea - doesn't work every day with SNSS but it has been the SNSS to start strong then end the day week. Lately, SNSS volume has completely dried up and there has been some slow selling which has pushed the stock down on very low volume. I could see this trend continuing because no signifcant buyers are coming in to support the stock. SNSS could trade down to low 4's over the summer based not on any news but just "lack of news" or significant developments malaise.

    • If history is any judge, SNSS will rise again over the next few weeks. This seems consistent with the same trend over the past 5 to 6 months, down to low $5, then, over a 3 or 4 week period, up to $5.70 plus. I don’t think there is any near term catalyst for a push higher than that. But when the next trial results are announced this should go past $7.50 or $8. As for selling or buying, regardless of the hour, I’ve found it slow going in either direction depending on your bid or ask. If your investment is not long term, hang in there for a while, it’ll be up.

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