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  • msq13113 msq13113 Jul 31, 2013 10:38 PM Flag

    Any catalyst to keep SNSS above $5

    The chart is on the verge of breaking down. If one of the big boys pick up their marbles and leaves $5 support will be lost. I wonder if Blackrock is still buying.

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    • Blackrock IS buying...........

    • Hey msq! You know probably just as much or even more than most of us. I'm sure you listened to the CC, so you know about the other Cardiff study, approaching final enrollment of Valor, and the Anderson studies in the work. Blackrock lightened up on it's holdings a bit, before the recent carnage, though that was more than overshadowed by the over 2% buy by Price. I hope truth is right about the institutional continued interest. I've been here since presplit 29 cents. I've seen the institutional share just jump and jump. I may be wrong but I don't believe that they would flee because of Monday. They're here for Valor and anything else is just icing on the cake. Well, we'll find out soon. GLTU

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      • F-joe, I have also rode through the hellish depths and the 6 to 1 reverse split with my initial position in SNSS. With last September’s recovery I sold for a profit and have been playing the technical cycles the past 9 months unfortunately the Cardiff study ruined my last technical cycle play and I had to settle for a breakeven outcome. Not sure when and if to get back in.

        The problem with the Cardiff findings is it a potential breakdown in the fundamentals of SNSS. Regarding Truths assertion, Wedbush does support SNSS post Cardiff and now has them speaking at the Aug 13th conference. Maybe there will be something to substantive presented next week.

        I-muno’s snarky post should give folks some pause as September puts have piled up implying speculators see SNSS dropping below $5. However there is a belief that one-sided option purchases with depressed valuations are a contrarian indicator.

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