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  • rwcva rwcva Oct 25, 2001 10:21 AM Flag

    If Sears closed tomorrow

    no one would miss it.

    Just what do they do that is unique?

    every segment of their business is handled very well by someone else.

    appliances: usually for "white goods" a smaller family run business will be just as competitive and far more reliable.

    electronics: you know the names...but include Costco, Wal-mart and Target in the mix.

    not even close to Crate & Barrel,
    Williams & Sonoma ...or Target.
    Even K mart has improved in this area.

    Clothing: get real!!!
    competition like crazy.

    Home goods: too much low quality.

    Target is the up and coming store here...great fashion statements-value-and selection in domestics.

    Also: Linens and Things chain

    I have not shopped in a Sears in years. In fact there are 2 in my area...I haven't even walked thru.

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    • I can state this without reservation. You are about as sharp as a marble.

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      • the TRUTH hurts doesn't it!

        let's face it...Sears is a retailer left over from the last century.

        Sears real estate holding, Homart, owns, developed, and manages a major regional mal in this area: The Tysons Galleria

        Sears own market research told them not to even bother opening a store in their own shopping center. And this is in an area with
        the highest productivity units of

        * Nordstrom
        * Crate & Barrel
        * L L Bean
        * Hecht's ( May co.)

        Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy's, Bloomingdales's, J.Crew, Tiffany, Gucci, also in within 1/2 mile.

        If my thoughts are so much like the sharpness of a marble...then how come Business week, Investor's Business Daily, Women's Wear Daily , and the Wall Street Journal are reporting a similar non interest from consumers as mine?

      • For those of you that think Sears is doing a good job, has good prices, good customer service, good brand names and $40B of sales, then why do you think that Sears has fallen behind Wal-mart, Target and Kohl's in sales growth rates and profitability???

        Maybe the customers who have not entered a Sears store in two years have a valid point? If you can't get customers to your stores and buy, what does the future hold?

        I'm just asking what you Sears supporters think the problem is since you take exception with the unhappy customers.

    • associates would lose their jobs. It would also impact all of the vendors who do business with Sears. Sears is #1 in applicances, has the #1 nationally recognized brand in CRAFTSMAN.

      $40+ billion a year is not a drop in the bucket ya fool. Several million customers walk thru the Sears doors each day. Sears provides a competitve retail presence in towns with over 2500 dealer stores. You could say the say thing about the other stores that you listed. All of the retail entities are fighting for the same customer dollar. Sears gets a major portion of those dollars

      In fact I don't shop at any of the stores you listed because their prices are too high with the exception being the discounters you have listed.

      I don't shop Walmart because they have the cheap entry level models of brand name hard goods and their clothes are of poor quality and weight. We do go to Target for general merchandise. Agreed, Target does a decent job with their clothes.

    • "I have not shopped in a Sears in years. In fact there are 2 in my area...I haven't even walked thru."

      "Just what do they do that is unique? (followed by their perceived failures)"

      This is priceless. First, he admits he hasn't been to a store in years. This is followed by his view of what is wrong with the store. Your powers of intuition are impressive if they allow you to drive past a building and form an opinion of the contents.

      Do you ever notice after we make the news, this place is full of trolls for about a week afterwards?

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      • from the mall. and saw NO reason to go in.

        If Sears were handling it's product lines and concept would see no need for major changes.

        Sure, all stores make changes....

        but check

        Kohl's, Target, Costco, and Crate & Barrel among others.

        You don't see them overly scrambling.

        YES, I have not been in the sotre for over 2 years...and so have millions of other consumers...that is EXACTLY your problem.

        my perception is EXACTLY what too many consumers have alos concluded. They vote with their wallets.

    • who would miss it... you must be joking
      Sears has the
      #1 market share in appliances, ~40%, #2 has ~10%

      #1 market share in hand tools, ~35%

      #1 market share in tractors/mowers

      In hardlines, Sears is #1 or #2 in market share in pretty much EVERY market segment

      #3 in brand name in the world, Craftsman (#1 Rolls Royce & #2 Rolex(?)), another top 10 name, Kenmore

      $40B in sales
      60M account holders

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