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  • billberggren billberggren Oct 29, 2004 12:00 AM Flag

    Sears a growth stock in 2005?

    Sears is already a 40 percent annual growth stock. And it is the best type of growth - buyback growth where you don't have to pay income taxes with it. Much better than actual revenue growth. Also S has the best price to sales ratio of any retailer. Thus $1 of investment will buy you $6 in sales. Compare that to $0.88 for Wmrt or $0.56 for kohls.

    Thus with S you get 6X-10X the sales and 40 percent growth. You can stick your wmrt and kohl shares up your ###$@@.

    I can write a little since I bought a tiny bit today.

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    • Sears is already a 40 percent annual growth stock.

      What? Before you buy stock it is a good idea to do a little research on the company. Sears net income will be down 90% this year. Not sure where you are coming up with 40% growth.

      The best type of growth is growth by increasing sales not propping up EPS by buying back shares. Sears is buying back shares and EPS is still declining. That's not growth!

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      • the bonds were just downgraded to BBB-, one tick above JUNK.

        Mechandise get canceled. S will be out of hot Xmas items in December, before Xmas.

        Sales will be terrible for December and the quarter.

        Rather than canceling sales, a good retailer would take sharp markdowns of current inventory to make room for Xmas goods. By canceling orders, S seems to be on a path to kill its own profitability as part of a plan to put the company into Chapter 11.

        Lampert will come out with more than 50% of S shares after a bankruptcy.

        Many will sell out on the cheap. Lampert will get shares on the cheap and then push the price back up.

        Look at what he accomplished with bankruptcy at KMRT. If he hasn't figured out he can do the same thing with S, he's a fool.

        Lamptert is no fool.

        If you hold S shares, you are the fool.


        Sell S now.
        Sell S short now.
        Cover when S declares bankruptcy.
        Buy when S comes out of bankruptcy.

        Use the KMRT graph as a model. Lampert will.

      • According to their latest quarterly report they had 280 millions shares outstanding a year ago. now they have around 200 million. Revenues are flat. RPS are up 40 percent. Earnings will follow if things breathe in the right direction. BTW, these 2 negative naysayers most likely work for Lampert. Why, you may ask. ESL is in the accumulation phase they will only report news with a negative spin. Then once virturally all the float is gone, they will announce some great earnings. The stock will explode like KMART then they will sell some for new investments.

        Lampert is the improved Buffett for the next 30 years.

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