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  • alexander_grover alexander_grover Nov 1, 2004 2:22 PM Flag

    Fire the ceo!

    are you crazy, sears top mgmnt is great. i would of never got away with what i did at HQ for three years if it wern't for that superior TMT and six sigma.

    I really miss sitting down during my reviews and hearing how I could go places in this company if I built relationships, went to more meetings and implemented various sears management practices such as ignoring people from the field and just doing things HQ's way.

    I think this mgmt team needs to stay. I know of hundreds of people who would actually have to work if new management took over. Sears is keeping the US economy afloat by having its managers fly all over the country, stay in nice hotels and eat at expensive restaurants while accomplishing nothing.

    I remember getting lots of sleep during some of those meetings. dont change the sears culture.

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    • That is why Lampert is there. Sears would have gone Bankrupt without him. He demands shareholder value and to get shareholder value you have to have earnings. Whether, you like to agree you can look at shares outstanding to see if a company is corrupt. If shares outstanding go up more than 5 percent a year your company is corrupt. Sears is losing shares.

      Yes, same store sales are very important, and that is what dooms a company long-term, stores like target and kohls and even walmart are the hot new stores on the block. Then after a decade, their same store sales will start to drop. Either the management takes action or the stock fails. Sears has been around since 1920, it is no longer a hot new store but an icon. I bet, Sears will go to a sustainable store that will last for centuries rather than decades.

    • haha...Sounds very familiar. I was an Appliance salesman in Brand Central. I was just laid off at the beginning of Oct. because my store shut down. It was a B store and we were told that Sears is restructuring and closing our store in the process. I sold 350,000 in appliances for sears the year before, and I was a part time, and a full time college student. What were they thinking??? Anyway, it goes beyond this, there are stupid decisions that happen day to day that trickle down the ladder...there were many times employees and managment alike would wonder who is stupid enough to implement this???-after a while we were used to the fact that Top management at Sears is near retarded!

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