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  • kayaker712 kayaker712 Mar 17, 2005 11:23 AM Flag


    How many here are opting to get SHLD for their S shares?

    I sold 2500 at market on Tuesday and holding 2500 for 1250 of SHLD.

    bought 2500 - Oct 25th 31.99

    bought 1000 - Nov 7th 41.53

    bought 1500 - Nov 11 44.20

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    • So the real question is:

      What are you going to do with the cash
      you get from the 45% redemption shares?

      And the answer more **** shares.

      For all the obvious reasons.

      Can't picture too many
      stock players(that's all of you)
      puting it all in a bank to get
      about .0001% interest while inflation
      spirals upward(how much for a gallon of gas)
      and paying the taxes to boot.

      **** = any stock you choose...
      .......but my guess is you'll choose starting with an S...
      .......based on the current price uptick
      .......and the fact that
      .......(like watching a speeding train) can no longer turn away.

    • Personally, I am going to opt for shld. but, I also am believing that most shareholders will do the same, thus the percentage of $50 to % of shld will kick in, I really don't see anyone opting for the $50. but that is just my opinion. any others??

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