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  • tonyforgoog tonyforgoog Jan 15, 2007 2:17 AM Flag

    Open letter to Forsee and Donahue

    Interesting about iPhone... it's easy to understand why AAPL goes with GSM phone (maybe with EDGE).. People outside the US are using GSM with the hope for UMTS (which I believe will take a long long time before it become reliable and commercially available). European screwed up on UMTS... Good thing about iPhone is, it has WiFi and that is a sound mean to get music.

    Ok now... talking about WiMAX, to me this actually seems like a dream as well... the technology is so new (almost conceptual).. the first version might not even be mobile (fixed wireless) we shall see. I don't understand why S wants to spend money on WiMAX now..... it's not a smart move at all... they should have finished up what they have to do with integrating Nextel iDEN with Qchat (it's sure messy as hell)

    Regarding the stock performance, I'm still waiting for it to go below 17. There is a floor on this one. The biz just generates good cash flow.. and that fits the bill for LBO.

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    • Actually, no s_ls isn't correct. Check out Apple's website re iPhone. It allows you to...

      "read a web page while downloading your email in the background over Wi-Fi or EDGE."

      Now, granted, if you can download email, you can easily download music from It's called Safari! And considering how well OS X is for Apple, this phone is and will become the killer product for AT&T going forward. But, even if it didn't allow for music downloads yet, I will bet that it will in the future...say, gen 2 of iPhone.

      Yes, price is an issue, but that's always been true with Apple. You want a Mac? You're going to pay about a 20% premium for it when compared to a comparably equipped Windows (or even Linux) PC. It's all about quality. And Apple exudes quality. So did Nextel.

      Sprint doesn't. Never has. Never will.


    • Sprint has high debt. An LBO firm would have problems with Sprint in it's current state since in order to make an LBO work, the company has to be leveraged higher. This cannot be done with Sprint, not to the extent needed to have the LBO work.

      My guess is that Sprint will be bought one day, but not soon. A savvy buyer will wait to see whether management cleans up the mess that the company is. Once it gets cleaned up, if that happens, expect a suitor to swoop down on it. But I expect the price to see many more lows before conditions exist where a suitor has a working chance of making a purchase work.

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