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  • prabbit51 prabbit51 Nov 24, 2007 3:51 PM Flag

    Question regarding "Boost" wireless

    Okay, so it appears that Boost has only been available
    in Florida since the end of October. That would answer some of my questions.

    .....perhaps I am not listening to the radio stations that
    Boost is advertising on (i.e. Boost's targeted users)

    Anyone have any comments regarding their coverage around
    Tampa Bay?
    Is Boost's coverage the same (locally) as Sprint's?
    I currently have Sprint and it is as good as anothers I suppose.

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    • prabbit, you first have to distinguish between Boost w/ PTT and Boost Unlimited. The former will work anywhere that has an iDEN (aka Nextel) signal, while the latter should work anywhere that has a CDMA signal.

      If you're looking at Boost Unlimited (which seems to be the case, since you brought up MetroPCS), then Boost's coverage is the same and Sprint's CDMA coverage. So you can very readily go to any local Radio Shack, WalMart, or SprintNextel store (check your local mall, they probably have one) to get a Boost Unlimited phone package.

      Also, Best Buy also offers Boost as well (though I'm not sure if they can do the Boost Unlimited...haven't bothered to ask).

      Lastly, check out the Boost website at:

      Good luck.


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