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  • callowax callowax May 12, 2008 8:55 AM Flag

    It's the execution (or lack there of) stupid

    I don't post much on this board but every once in a while I feel the need.

    What people (and by that, I mean people within Sprint) don't understand is ALL of Sprint's problems stem from poor execution. And for the most part, that is not the fault of many of those responsible for it. Let me explain.

    Execution, and those responsible for it, have never been VALUED at Sprint. The execution piece is always the after thought. These are the roles no one wants because management at Sprint does not respect / nor reward. These are the roles that are always "cut" when a reduction in force comes; it's always the piece "eliminated" when funding is short. And these are the roles always blamed when a project fails, yet never rewarded when a project succeeds. Sprint management will spend months developing the "strategy" and then expect flawless implementation of that strategy using their unresourced, underfunded operations teams. And then comes the irony. Those Strategy folks (and I'm not talking corp. strategy group, as ironically enough, they generally are not the ones driving the operating strategy that drives the business) sit back and arm chair quarterback the implementation ... arrogantly throwing rocks at those attempting to implement, yet never daring to take one of those roles themselves as it would be beneath them.

    Here's a solution that would fix a majority of the company's woes: turn the organization upside down. Put those developing the strategy BELOW those required to IMPLEMENT the strategy in the org. chart. The result would be the best talent would take the implementation/execution roles ... resulting in a natural improvement in business operations. I believe this move would bring Sprint the improvement they are seeking in customer satisfaction / customer loyalty and growth.

    And by the way, this comes from a guy would used to be considered a "strategy" person.

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